Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Zāzen LCD Touch Screen Ionic Professional Hairdryer Review

I was one of those people who thought hairdryers were all created equally. You turn them on, they blast out hot air and you style away...pretty simple right? Wrong!

Recently I’ve been testing the sleek, technologically savvy Zāzen Ionic Hairdryer and I came to realize that air flow and performance differentiation among dryers does exist! I guess I’ve been living under a rock but this advanced styling tool makes my cheap old dryer seem completely inferior and sadly ineffective.

Now that I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’ve been wasting time laboriously drying my hair with a device that wasn’t meeting my needs, it’s time to move on to superior quality. This professional dryer is incredibly powerful yet easy to use, featuring LCD technology that provides ultimate temperature and airflow control at the touch of a button!

Until now I hadn’t contemplated the benefits of being able to adjust the temperate levels on my dryer but it is very useful for customizing your styling needs. Using the (+) and (-) symbols on the handle allows you to go from moderate to high heat and you can also adjust the cool air setting up or down. Pressing the (M) button switches between temperature control and flow intensity, so you can set the air to blast low or strong depending on your needs. While in hot mode the LCD screen lights up orange and in cool mode it turns blue. The dyer also locks your settings after 5 seconds to prevent accidental changes.

Because the air flow is so powerful and the heat setting can be adjusted high enough to efficiently rid the hair of all moisture, blow drying requires minimal work with less arm fatigue and it cuts my styling time in half! I no longer need those sprays and creams designed to speed up the process and the even air circulation and effective heat intensity works quickly on my long, thick hair. If you have thinner hair, simply adjust the hot or cool settings to a lower level.

There is nothing I hate more than spending a long time straightening my hair and then having it get wet in the shower or frizz-up on a humid day. For touch-ups and quick fixes I also use the dryer on areas that need to be redone or straightened instead of using my flat iron which tends to cause dryness, flatness and split ends. Simply section your hair, and using a good brush (I prefer something that maintains tautness), run it through the lengths of your hair while applying heat. It’s still important to use a heat protectant prior to blow drying and I like to follow up with a light, nourishing serum.

I also use the dryer to enhance my deep conditioners. Once the treatment is applied I pop on a plastic shower cap (the clear disposable kind works well) and using a low to medium heat setting I pass the air over the cap to heat up the formula and increase absorption. This method makes my hair extra soft, moisturized and healthy!

Since the dryer does produce such hot, dry air it actually reduces the amount of direct heat I need to apply with my flat iron thus reducing thermal damage and long straightening sessions. On waves and tight curls, it loosens and smooths the hair pattern which equals less work for you and your tools. If you want to enhance your curls rather than loosen them, the large diffuser creates volume, bounce and body. The dryer also works wonders on those unruly hairs around the face for a sleek, neat finish and longer lasting results.

The dryer is lightweight with a non-slip ergonomic design and extra long power cord. It comes with 2 diffuser attachments and I like the deep navy color.

Whether you have long curly hair or short straight hair this dryer is suitable for all hair types and when used with the right products the results are sleek and shiny!

The dryer retails for $216.95 but you can get it on sale at Trade Secrets for $149.95 and now until June 24th when you spend $55 or more you get a free bottle of Sexy Hair Powder Play, valued at $22.00!


  1. Your hair looks absolutely stunning Erica! You are so beautiful.xoxo

    1. Thanks Diva, You are so sweet :) Your comment brightened my day!


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