Monday, May 2, 2016

Bio-Beauté by NUXE Organic Skincare: Corsican Citron and Botanical Oil Collection

With all the chemicals that bombard our bodies on a daily basis, discovering fabulous, all-natural products is like a breath of fresh air! Bio-Beauté by NUXE has launched an organic body care collection inspired by efficient ingredient performance and raw materials harvested directly from nature.

This invigorating, skin pampering cocktail incorporates Corsican Citron Extract (a citrus fruit high in antioxidants) plus sunflower, sesame and macadamia oils that are rich in essential fatty acids to deeply nourish.

Usually I am not a big fan of citrus aromas or flavors but this fresh, sunny scent it perfect for summer! The zesty notes are softened by warm vanilla essence, and exotic Mediterranean fruit oils that revitalize the senses.

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The Toning & Nourishing Satin-Touch Oil is a luscious concoction that hydrates parched skin and tones the body. It comes in a convenient spray bottle which dispenses a light mist that can then be rubbed in evenly.  Although the formula does melt into skin and reinforce the moisture barrier with omga 9, this isn’t a dry oil. Initially I notice a sleek, shiny finish that does feel a tad slick but eventually the oil does dry and dissipate completely leaving skin silky, soft, and healthy. There was no staining or transfer to my clothes or bedding but I prefer applying it earlier in the evening following a relaxing shower so that by the time I go to bed, it has fully absorbed.

The oil is also great for massages when you need to alleviate sore, strained muscles. It conditions the skin, prevents dryness and stimulates circulation for a relaxing experience. The blend is 100% natural and retails for $26.00.

I am a bit picky when it comes to deodorant. I’ve tried natural brands before and they have all failed to keep me fresh, but this one is actually pretty good! I haven’t tested it out in hot, humid, sweaty conditions yet but so far I like it. The citrus scent is subtle so you aren’t walking down the street smelling like a glass of lemonade and the hint of sweetness makes it  more appealing. I like the roller applicator and the formula is translucent so it doesn’t leave behind white marks, yellow stains or flakes.

Unlike many deodorants, this one doesn’t contain alcohol or aluminum salts and it conditions the sensitive skin under the arms with 10 essential oils. The formula also limits the development of bacteria, to purify and cleanse plus the aloe relieves discomfort and irritation after shaving. The deodorant retails for $13.00.

Bio-Beauté by NUXE is available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart

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  1. I love citrus-scented body products, especially lemon. I have only tried the lip balm from the brand and loving it. Want to branch out to try other products. The natural deodorant sounds pretty good. I will have to go find them and see if they are available in my Shoppers Drug Mart.


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