Monday, May 30, 2016

THEFACESHOP White Seed Brightening Serum Review

I am happy to report that I am totally hooked on THEFACESHOP! This hip little store makes it easy access trendy Korean beauty products right here in Canada and I love that they utilize the leading, skin transforming ingredients. Korean skincare has been taking the North America beauty scene by storm and recently my sister even ordered me some fabulous new face masks for replenishing the complexion. Today I’ll be talking about boosting radiance for fresh, vibrant skin!

Dullness may be understandable in the winter when many of us hibernate and avoid the cold but by summer its time to revive your skin and regain that healthy glow. The brightening serum is formulated with White Lupin Seed and Daisy Flower extract to enhance luminosity and promote clear, silky skin.

I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and although it works slowly I do see minor changes in how even, fresh and smooth my skin appears. I usually apply the serum before bed, focusing on discoloration and blemished areas but it does work under makeup since there is no greasiness or residue. The consistency is light, cool and water based so it feels soothing and offers a boost of hydration to treat dry areas without irritation.

This is not a lightening product that will alter the color of your skin. Instead in works with your natural pigmentation to promote an even finish and beautiful luster. Like any brightening product repeated application yields best results so you may have to test it out for a few months to notice visible improvements. Right after my Caribbean vacation it helped me recover from tanning that deepened my natural complexion and undid some of the UV and environmental effects that tainted my skin. It also works well layered under moisturizer if you prefer extra hydration.

The serum retails for $40.00 and you can pick it up at THEFACESHOP and online by clicking HERE

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