Monday, May 16, 2016

Fabulous Fashion Finds from Avon

Gone are the days of raiding the mall every weekend and leaving with a backseat brimming with new stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love putting together a cute new outfit and there is nothing more delightful than finding a gorgeous designer purse on sale, but recently the mall scene just hasn’t been my thing. Battling for a parking space and dealing with pushy crowds can be downright stressful, which is why many of us now choose to scout for deals online.

Since summer is upon us and I have a few exciting press trips planned, I decided to spruce up my wardrobe with some new accessories. A cute bag, eye-catching statement jewelry or trendy shoes can put a fun new spin on an old outfit.

I’m all about the bag and if you peek inside my closet you’d see a mountain of purses touching the ceiling. Since I already have a decent collection of everyday totes that are large enough to store all my essentials, I was on the hunt for something smaller, trendy and functional. I usually attend many amazing events for work and this summer I plan to party hard, enjoy every last drop of sunshine and travel a lot! I needed something that was stylish enough for a night out yet large enough for my cell phone, camera and a stash of makeup... and that’s when I spotted her! The beautifully textured Well Chained Handbag by mark. This envelope clutch is a great size and the faux snake print, long silver chain and strap detailing makes it a great contender for a night out. You can sling it over your shoulder with jeans and a cute top or remove the chain, tuck it under an arm and use it to accent a cute summer dress. The clutch retails for just $40.00 and you can’t beat that!

I love high heels but let’s face it, sometimes it’s nice to give your feet a break and slip on a pair of comfy flats. Walking to and from events downtown doesn’t inspire me to wear toe crushing, wobbly stilettos and who needs aches and pains when you’re trying to enjoy the evening!

I found these cute Graphic d’Orsay Flats for just $39.99 and the black and white design matches a ton of outfits. I also like that the sides are cut-out preventing sweating and allowing the air to circulate. The almond shaped toe is a happy medium between rounded and pointy so they look great with dresses, skirts or pants and they are easy on the feet.

Avon has so much pretty jewelry on the website that it can be difficult to choose but for summer I thought the Glimmer Drops Necklace set in creamy coral was a perfect fit. The multi-chain design gives you that stylish layered look and comes with three tiers of tear drop pendants that range in size to create beautiful contrast. The set adds a pretty pop of color to a wide variety of outfits and also comes with matching earrings. It retails for $24.99.

You can get these fab fashion finds at or through an independent consultant

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