Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New From L’Occitane ~ Néroli Orchidée, Violette Rose de Mai and Pivoine Sublime

It’s been a while since I’ve browsed L’Occitane’s boutique so today I’m sharing a few floral inspired blends that I just can’t get enough of! From incredible moisture to intoxicating aromas, I am totally smitten with L’Occitane’s lightweight, natural extracts that remind of tropical gardens and warm summer breeze.

I couldn’t wait to share the Violette Rose de Mai Eau de Toilette because it has become one of my go-to scents! When the package first arrived the cap was a bit loose and some liquid seeped out. For days my dining room smelled incredible and I started using the perfume everyday!

Oddly enough, rose isn’t an aroma I usually favor which is why my obsession with this scent is so unexpected. Unlike many rose infused products, this fragrance is not overbearingly floral. There are hints of petal extract but the heart of the aroma also combines violet and geranium balanced with a delectable blend of fruity notes (bergamot, mandarin, cassis, rhubarb and orange). The base is soft, creamy and elegant combining woody notes of sandalwood and warm musk that work exceptionally well with natural body chemistry. The deeper notes soften the summery floral tones beautifully, resulting in a scent that is mild, whimsical and romantic.

This irresistible fragrance is ideal for daytime but I’ve also been spritzing it on before my evening soirees. I am so taken with this perfume that if it came as a room spray, body wash, candle or car deodorizer I would surround myself with it! Even if you aren’t sold on rose I recommend testing this out at the store because you may end up loving it too! The fragrance retails for $75.00.

Pivoine translates to peony which seems to be a reoccurring ingredient in many new skincare lines this summer. Since I wear heavy, pore clogging makeup that needs to be thoroughly removed before bed, a good toner is an essential part of my skincare routine. Toners are a great way to abolish the last traces of stubborn, oily foundation and prepare the face and neck to absorb serums and creams. Nowadays many brands have abandoned the drying alcohol infused formulas of the past and moved on to better ingredients. This Perfecting toner is one of the most moisturizing blends to ever grace my face! It gently cleanses, smooths, and reduces pore size so skin is soft, supple and refreshed! It retails for $30.00.

If you enjoy hydrating body oil but want to avoid extra slickness during the summer, the Néroli Orchidée Perfumed Body Oil is a fabulous option and it substitutes moisturizer and fragrance! The spray bottle squirts rather than mists but once massaged in, the petal fresh formula absorbs quickly leaving behind a radiant satin finish with no greasiness (similar to a dry oil). When I crave extra nourishment and intense moisture I layer the oil over a body lotion for buttery soft skin. It retails for $38.00.

All of these fabulous products are available at L’Occitane locations and online at ca.loccitane.com

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