Thursday, May 12, 2016

THEFACESHOP Hwansaenggo Escargot Golden Firming Collection Review

When it comes to skincare I’m usually pretty brave. I enjoy discovering new products even when the packaging contains words like bee venom and Korea has been leading the way in innovative new beauty trends for quite some time. When I first saw this beautiful, golden collection I was intrigued. The intricate, sophisticated bottles add a touch of glamour to my dresser and have become a stunning focal point.

For those who don’t know, escargot is a land snail (yes you read that right) and these products contain snail mucus extract. Admittedly I was a bit hesitant to try them because I kept picturing slimy, slug-like creatures and the idea was a little off-putting. I soon got over it because of a few considerations: 1. Escargot is considered a delicious delicacy in countries like Spain, France and Portugal, 2. this mucus is popular in Asian skincare for a good reason and 3. Some of the best ingredients come from nature!

I am so glad I tried these products because I love how they make my skin feel! Snail mucus has been revered for its healing, moisturizing and anti-aging properties for centuries. It also helps improve cell immunity to boost regeneration, smooth enlarged pores, treat blemishes, improve texture, support elasticity and rid the skin of harmful irritants. The formula is enriched with 24K gold which penetrates deeply to protect and quicken cellular turnover for a healthy, luminous complexion.

The Firming Serum helps repair damage caused by aging and environmental assaults plus it contains ginseng to nourish and improve skin tone. The consistency is light, silky and water-based for instant absorption and the scent it very subtle. The dewy base creates a supple finish without any residue and I was impressed with how quickly it transformed skin texture. My face went from dry and dull to hydrated, plump and super smooth. It also supports collagen and diminishes lines and wrinkles for skin that glows from within. The serum retails for $75.00.

The Golden Firming Cream is simply exquisite! The formula is rich, nourishing, cooling and comforting and when applied before bed, dry skin doesn’t stand a chance! The thick texture is as luxurious as the jar and it melts deep within the skin's layers for instant radiance without any greasiness. Along with fabulous anti-aging benefits, the infusion of macadamia oil, shea butter, fruit and plant extracts promote soft, smooth, conditioned skin. Like the serum, the aroma is very subtle but the results are fantastic! The dryness I experienced from winter’s wrath is totally gone and my skin looks revitalized, bright and even. It retails for $69.00.

The collection also includes eye cream, toner and face masks that all work together to revitalize lackluster skin. The products are available at THEFACESHOP stores across Canada and at


  1. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous!!! I LOVE Korean cosmetics. They are really amazing. xoxo

  2. Michelle aka Mrs. ShatnerAugust 1, 2016 at 6:20 PM

    I bought these products when I was in Canada. I LOVE THIS LINE!!! My face feels wonderful! In 2 days the dark spots on my face is gone!!!! No BS! the Golden Firming Gel Mask and the eye mask did the trick!!!!


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