Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Kérastase Curl Idéal Collection Review

Curly girls know the struggle of trying to tame hair that seems to have a mind of its own and finding the right products, styles and routine to work with your unique curl pattern. Now that wild curls and soft waves of all kind are becoming trendy, more brands are catering to our needs. Kérastase recently launched the fabulous Curl Idéal Collection but before I get into the review, I'm going to take a walk down memory lane and reflect on how much I've learned about caring for curls. 

My Curly Hair Journey
When I was a kid, my hair was relatively as long as it is today (tailbone length), thick and a lot of work! My mom spent hours detangling, shampooing, conditioning and drying it and when I was old enough to take over, the task was overwhelming. For a long time I hated my curls...yes I said it, but I just didn’t understand how to deal with them and often found myself longing for straight, manageable hair. I spent much of my teenage life blow drying and flat ironing my curls into submission (almost everyday) without considering the consequences of heat damage. The ironic thing was, everyone seemed to love my curls but me! Friends and family with straight hair wished to have what I did and encouraged me to embrace my spirals frizz and all.

It took a long time for me to love and accept my curls but eventually I did and now I enjoy how bold and unique my hair is (most of the time). Although I've never used harsh dyes or chemicals, years of heat damage had taken its toll making some areas permanently straight and unable to revert back to twisty ringlets. It took 2 years of intense deep treatments, a lot of learning, and no heat styling or harsh ingredients to grow out the damage and repair the breakage but I finally have healthy, silky hair that is strong and long! 

Today I don’t deprive myself of the sleek, straight styles I love, I still use my blow dryer and flat iron just not as much and not high enough to burn or damage. During the winter when the humidity dissipates, I wear my hair straight but when summer hits and heat, sweat and moisture causes my hair to curl naturally, I don’t bother with the flat iron. I use this season to recuperate, revive and restore my mane and each year I notice impressive growth!

The Kérastase Curl Idéal Collection is formulated for managing all types of curls while strengthening, smoothing, taming and moisturizing. 

The first step is cleansing and I am happy to report that the brand has adopted the popular “cleansing conditioner” method which is gentle and free of harsh detergents. Shampoos that contain sulfates can strip curly hair of natural oil which is vital for maintaining moisture and health. This cleanser uses mild ingredients to remove build-up without causing curls to become dry and brittle.

The pump bottle makes it easy to dispense in the shower and the texture is creamy with a light lather that effectively cleans from root to tip without leaving hair squeaky clean, tangled or craving immediate moisture. It also smells fantastic which is quite common with this brand. The cleansing conditioner retails for $69.00.

The Masque Curl Idéal is the first shape-in motion masque formulated to control over-voluminous, tight, thick curls that tend to be unruly. I recommend revitalizing deep treatments to pretty much anyone who will listen because they help damaged strands bounce back much faster! I use a masque once per week but you should adjust your routine depending on your hair type and needs.

The texture of the masque is thick, rich and lush so it coats each strand to deeply nourish, moisturize and fortify with a blend of keratin, proteins and natural oils. What I love most is that it tackles one of my biggest concerns - voluminous, poofy roots and new growth that can be hard to flatten, control and style. This fabulous blend helps reduce frizz where you need it most while maintaining curl formation and preventing dryness and breakage. 

The directions instruct you to leave it on for just 5 minutes but my hair always craves more hydration and the longer I condition, the softer it feels. If you have thin or oily hair, you may want to stick to the recommended treatment time to avoid limpness.

I usually part my hair and apply the masque while using my Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash Brush (which I’m obsessed with) to detangle, distribute and enhance the treatment, plus it helps form perfect spirals! I then bobby pin my hair at the top of my head, cover with a disposable plastic cap and wrap in a microfiber towel for an hour or two while I do a facial, relax, work or watch TV. When I remove the towel I pass the heat from my blow dryer over the plastic cap for about 3 minutes to promote absorption and then I rinse well.

After the treatment my hair is incredibly soft, silky, smooth, bouncy and shiny not to mention the amazing scent that turns head for days! The masque retails for $66.00.

After cleansing and treating it’s time for styling! After my final rinse in the shower and one last run through with my Aqua Brush for curl formation I don’t brush, comb or manipulate my curls again as this causes them to separate and become frizzy. Brushing dry curls, especially when they are tightly formed can cause a poofy mess!

While my hair is still quite damp I apply the Oléo-Curl Leave-In Crème ($56.00) to enhance, control frizz and moisturize. I also use the cream to finger curl sections into tighter ringlets so they retain bounce and shape throughout the day. If I need more hold (which I always do) I use the Mousse Curl Idéal ($46.00) for extra definition, tone, smoothness and texture without the stiffness or rigidity common among many mousse formulas. 

The Book of Curls featured in this post is a fabulous guide! It covers everything from proper care, determining your curl type, protective measures for sleeping, washing, styling, tips, tricks and inspirational curly haired women! You can download your free copy by clicking HERE.

For more information on where to purchase Kérastase and salon listings you can visit the website by clicking HERE.


  1. Thank you so much for this review. I saw these products on sale in my area and was wondering if I should fork out and buy it. Now I am convinced that I should. It was great to read about your hair journey. Big yay, for healthy and happy hair. You have beautiful hair by the way. xoxo

    1. Hi Diva,
      So glad the review was helpful and thanks for the kind compliments :)


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