Thursday, June 23, 2016

The New LUSH Cosmetics app for iOS and Android Users

Now that most of us are dependent on our smart phones for pretty much everything, being able to access information with the touch of a finger has simplified everyday tasks. Many brands have realized that the way of the web is pretty much the way of the world so LUSH has released their own app to help us shop their entire range and keep up to date on all things bath bombs, face scrubs and skincare.

I downloaded the app to my Samsung and started playing around with the features which are very easy to use. When you first open the app it gives you the option of selecting U.S or Canada which of course also determines the currency that will be displayed. From there you can sit back, relax and browse the store from the comfort of your home via categories like: scents, new products, bath, shower, hair, face, body, gifts makeup, perfume, spa and many more!

You also have the option of creating an account so you can access customer care, get information about returns, find shops near you or even create a wish list. Other functions include: browsing products by your favorite scents or even how you’d like to feel and you can place orders by credit card, Apple Pay or Pay Pal.

The graphics, categories and navigation is similar to the brand's outlook on natural, homemade products and quality ingredients - simple and pleasant with no unnecessary fluff or ads. Of course you can always hop on the internet and shop directly from the website but this way you don't have to open your browser and the process just seems easier.

I also found the Stories section quite interesting. It includes the brand’s charitable initiatives, product and ingredient information, ethical and environmental innovations and even some current news.  

The great thing about this app is that you can also shop the seasonal exclusives as they become available to avoid missing out on your faves which I’m sure LUSH fanatics are going to love! The downside (and this is a pretty substantial glitch) is that when I click on any of the products the app instantly stops working and shuts down making it unusable for its intended purpose.

The idea is great, the navigation is easy and it even introduced me to new products I’d like to try that I don’t recall seeing in-store but obviously there are still some major bugs and kinks that have yet to be resolved. I've been told that the team is on it so everything should be up and running smoothly very soon!

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