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L’Oréal Vernis A’ L’huile Review

I have more nail polish than I know what to do with. The constant influx on new shades and collections has overwhelmed my beauty shelves and there are even colors I’ve had for months without ever opening. Usually I give them away to friends and family but it seems like new products pop-up on a weekly basis and for a while I’d had enough.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a fresh mani but many of the new launches didn’t offer anything unique enough to capture my interest. I like to keep up with the nail art enthusiasts but there is a lot to choose from and my patience for drying lacquer was wearing thin. Admittedly I had fallen off the nail trend bandwagon and was embarrassingly rocking bare fingernails until I discovered L’Oréal’s new Vernis A’ L’huile Collection.

Today I’m going to do one of my rare nail polish reviews because I am totally smitten with this new range. The colors are vivacious, bright and stylish with 25 gorgeous hues to choose from and a few more set to launch this fall!

A few weeks ago I attended a press event hosted by celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik where I learned to give myself a proper mani, stuffed my face with eclairs and picked up a few nail care tips. I also had the opportunity to test the new formula before it hits drugstore shelves on June 14th and I must admit, it was love at first swipe! I was a bit timid to paint in front of Tom as I kept conjuring images of polishing half my hand, but thankfully the Vernis A’ L’huile polishes are super easy to use!

This is L’Oréal’s first oil-based lacquer and it packs a bold punch of rich, explosive color that will knock your socks off! Many of the shades provide intense, opaque coverage in just one coat but two coats enhances the longevity and really amps-up your nails. The formula is designed to be durable so a base coat is not necessary and the color won’t stain. The high-gloss effect creates a sleek, shiny finish for professional results and the consistency is perfect - not too thick or runny, just smooth, creamy and brilliant!

The brush alone is enough to turn any clumsy polish lover into somewhat of an expert. It was designed with 440 soft, flexible bristles which expand the surface area for polish thus reducing the number of strokes required to complete your mani. The brush is wide, curved and paddle shaped to fit nicely around the cuticle for natural shaping and the wand above the brush is notched with grooves that match the crystallized bottle. The grooves prevent excess polish from leaking onto the brush and pooling around the cuticles. The selling point for me is how simple and quick it is to complete a manicure. A few seconds per nail is all it takes and the polish is fast drying.

When I spend time meticulously painting my nails I hate when they chip the next day and even those drugstore gel formulas that guarantee a 7 day mani have let me down. This formula is definitely high quality, my polish lasted 6 days before it was time to change the color and I didn’t go easy on my hands either. I tested the formula vigorously by doing dishes (even though I have a dishwasher), household tasks and lots of typing plus it held up through my busy schedule. On the 4th day all I needed was a few touch-ups on the very tips with another layer of top coat and I was good to go!

The unique thing about this collection is that all of the lacquers are infused with a blend of precious oils (Rose Lotus Bloom, Camellia seed and Argan) for a new level of color depth. Once the polish dries, the scent is sweet and floral which makes your nails smell great!

The polishes are true to color so what you see it what you get. I didn't think swatching them all was necessary but I do have a photo of one of my faves ~ 332 Violent Vendôme (please note that this photo was 5 days into my mani).

As mentioned this collection will be available at drugstores on June 14th and the polish retails for $9.99 each.

And now some tips from Tom ~ Celebrity Manicurist

*Always start with clean dry nails. Use acetone or alcohol to remove excess oil or residue. This will prevent bubbles and improve application.
*If you have ridges do not buff them down as they extend beyond the nail surface. Filing away ridges can cause splitting so use a filler instead.
*Cutting cuticles excessively can promote faster, thicker growth and raggedness. Cut sparingly and gently push them back.
*Do not shake the polish bottle as this can cause air bubbles, instead roll it back and forth between your palms.
*Using fewer brush strokes yields better results plus it prevents thickness and speeds up drying.
*Allow each coat to dry for at least 2 mins before applying more polish or top coat. This will prevent imprints, indents and bubbles.
*Capping the tips does not always prolong the manicure.
*If the polish looks streaky, hold the brush flatter.
*Clean up around the cuticles by dipping a thin eye or lip liner brush in acetone.
*Moisturize the cuticles and nails with essential oils, so that the polish retains flexibility. This prevent chipping and prolongs your mani.
*Nail polish shelf life is about 1 year after opening.

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