Monday, June 27, 2016

Korres Wild Rose Brightening Skincare Review

It is difficult to achieve flawless makeup application if you don’t have an even canvass to start with. Blemishes, discoloration, environmental aggressors, aging, hormones and many other factors can taint the complexion and cause skin to appear tired and dull. Before buffing on heavy foundations, concealers and correctors, why not get to the root of the problem by treating the epidermis with natural active ingredients.

Recently I’ve been trying the Korres Wild Rose Brightening Collection and I love the results! The Tone Corrector is an intensive facial treatment that helps prevent and diminish all types of discoloration for an even, balanced complexion.

The annoying acne marks left by pimples you popped, or hyperpigmentation that seemed impossible to get rid of will slowly begin to lighten and blend into the color of your natural skin tone without altering it. The serum feels more like a creamy moisturizer, infused with nourishing emollients like coconut, apricot and sunflower oils to refresh and revive.

Aside from smoothing the texture of my skin, it provides layers of lush, rejuvenating hydration that lasts all day and makes my face incredibly supple, soft, toned and resilient! I enjoy it so much that I’ve been using it every morning and when applied heavier it also works as a repairing overnight mask.

Another great thing about this formula is its seasonal versatility. The light texture is comfortable on hot, humid days without causing excess oil production or greasiness but the invigorating layers of velvety moisture is perfect for cold, dry climates and helps prevent flaking and peeling.

The active skin brightening ingredients include: Cold Pressed Wild Rose Oil - (a powerful antioxidant that evens skin tone, repairs fine lines and heals), Sea Fern Extract (to decrease pigmentation) plus Vitamin C and Sand Lily Extract to significantly reduce dark spots. The serum contains no parabens, sulfates or phthalates and is safe for vegans. You can pick it up for $43.00.

If you love face oils as much as I do the Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil is a fabulous night treatment that won't clog pores or feel slick and greasy. As seen in the photo below, the oil is infused with actual wild rose petals (that float around in the bottle) and a luxurious blend of omega acids, vitamin A and powerful antioxidants to firm, repair and diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

The silky anti-inflammatory oil delivers a dewy fresh glow so you awake to healthy, radiant skin and it also protects against free radicals and UV damage. Before bed, I use a few drops on top of the serum for extra moisture and together they soak in and rejuvenate my complexion for the luminosity I crave! It also makes a fabulous treatment for rough cuticles and dry nail beds. The oil retails for $54.00.

You can find Korres at Shoppers Drug Mart, Murale and Sephora

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