Monday, June 6, 2016

Lisap Easy Build Hair Rejuvenation Collection Review

I’m always on the lookout for new and improved hair products and sometimes those aren’t the generic brands lining drug store shelves. Every now and then you have to dig a little deeper and seek salon quality formulas that go above and beyond everyday care to deeply repair and reconstruct hair from the inside out.

Recently I’ve been testing Lisap’s Easy Build 4 step system suitable for all hair types that need serious restoration. I’m talking state-of-the-art, deep conditioning treatments for damaged, overworked hair that craves a serious boost of vitamins, keratin, proteins and anti-aging care to enhance elasticity and strength. Since having my hair analyzed at a salon, I now know that it isn’t badly damaged, in fact it’s quite healthy because I use treatments like this all the time. I pamper my tresses with intense, reconstructing formulas at least twice a month since they effectively maintain healthy hair and diminish the effects of heat styling.

Step 1: Chelating Capillary Shampoo
This step is pretty obvious - start with shampoo to remove impurities, build-up and excess oil so that hair is clean and ready for reconstructive treatment. The shampoo is formulated with a blend of amino acids, keratins and proteins to help strengthen and promote manageability. Like many shampoos, it generates a nice lather to efficiently cleanse the hair and scalp and although it does contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate (which I’m not a huge fan of) it does not dry out or strip my hair for that squeaky clean feeling. I only apply shampoo to my roots and allow the suds to trickle down to the ends as I rinse. Aggressive lathering can cause dryness and although you can complete this process twice, I limit myself to one sulfate shampoo.

The scent is rather mild so it doesn’t leave my hair heavily perfumed and it kind of reminds me of a freezy (in a good way). The formula didn’t leave my hair brittle but you do need to follow through with the remaining steps to reintroduce moisture.

Step 2: Polymeric Reconstructor
Now this is where things start to get good! Also formulated with keratin and proteins this lush cream is the first step in the conditioning process and is designed to strengthen and improve texture from the very first use! You are instructed to section hair (I usually just part my hair in half) and massage the product in thoroughly. I use the Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash shower brush to evenly distribute and coat each strand which detangles and greatly enhances the conditioning effects.

For best results, pin your hair up and cover with a plastic shower cap (the clear disposable ones work well) and apply heat with a blow dryer for 10 minutes to warm up the formula and improve absorption. I do this with all of my deep conditioning treatments as it makes a substantial difference in the end results. Since my hair is long and thick, I left it in for about 25 mins while I exfoliated and did a facial.

If you require intense moisture, softness and manageability this step is probably most important. It smooths cuticles, promotes shine and makes hair feel healthier.

Step 3: Moisturizing Micro-Emulsion
This step uses seaweed extract, vitamins, mineral salts and other active ingredients to enhance moisture and resistance. After a week spent under the scorching Caribbean sun and chlorine pools, my hair definitely needed replenishment. Although the directions indicate a treatment time of just 2 mins, you may want to leave it on longer if your hair needs more hydration.

Step 2 and 3 left my strands feeling silky and dense. I don’t mean weighed down or heavy but I didn’t get the fluffy lightness or silicone sleekness I do from some other conditioners which can also cause fuzziness. My hair felt thicker, stronger, more substantial and definitely resilient. Instead of just softening, the formula revitalized and fortified for heightened resistance to styling, heat and other environmental assaults. The keratin does a great job reinforcing cuticle structure and it sure beats those protein packs that leave hair feeling stiff and gross.

Step 4: Revitalizing Spray
Step four consists of a nutritive spray for one last blast of moisture and thermal protection. I didn’t use any styling tools after the treatment routine but it worked as a finishing product and complimented my other leave-ins. I focused most of the spray on the ends which tend to be driest and it did a decent job at keeping my curls in good condition.

Overall I’d say the experience was a success! If step 1 and 2 were combined into one formula it would have been even better but If you have dull, fragile, lackluster hair or you just want a system that balances and retains the health of your locks, this collection works rather well. The entire set retails for $67.00 and to find a salon for purchase visit the website by clicking HERE.

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