Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Kerastase Matérialiste Gel Spray and The Book Of Braids

Braids have been making a strong comeback both on the runway and for simple everyday looks. To help keep you trendy and fashionable Kerastase has released the Book Of Braids showcasing basic techniques, and complex creations from your classic French braid to styles for the gym, weddings, work, date night, special events, vacations and more! The book is a great tool for beginners and seasoned stylist because it inspires you to break out of your comfort zone, have fun with your hair and try new styles whether your locks are long, curly, short or straight. I also like that it highlights different types of braids to flatter various face shapes!

To help get you started Kerastase has some fabulous styling items to keep your creations in place all day! I use a variety of fantastic finishing products from this brand but one helpful braiding buddy is the Matérialiste Gel Spray. This formula provides flexible hold without the crunchy stiffness or white, flaky residue for great definition. The gel is also infused with a thickening ingredient that helps expand each hair fibre for a voluminous effect that is ideal for creating a variety of textured, glamorous styles.

I have long hair so sometimes when I braid it stray pieces poke out all over the place. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you’re going for that chic, messy look but I like to spritz the gel over the length of my hair before braiding to help keep everything in place. The formula smells wonderful and leaves hair pleasantly scented minus that thick, gloopy gel texture. When I need to tame specific areas, reduce frizz and manage flyaways I spray the gel in my hands and apply it directly to the area, this also seems to prevent the spray from missing my strands and being wasted.

Since the Toronto International Film Festival is underway and the weather is warm I will be using this gel to keep my updos looking sharp for the red carpet and I love that it works on my natural curls to prevent fuzz and poof while maintaining the shape of my long spirals. The gel is also great for those sexy Hollywood waves and sexy, loose beach styles and you can apply it on both dry and damp hair.

If you would like your own personal copy of the Book Of Braids you can sign up to download it for free by clicking HERE and you will automatically be entered to win a tote filled with braiding favorites!

Check out more great hair products at kerastase.ca

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