Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rodial Skincare Glamoxy Snake Mask Review

On Fridays I like to kick back, unwind and treat my skin to a pampering facial so that I look rested and revived for the weekend. A great face mask is always a part of my weekly routine and recently I’ve been using the Glamoxy Snake Mask by Rodial to help get me red carpet ready for The Toronto International Film Festival. Most of you are probably thinking that “snake” is not a word you want to see in the title of any beauty product and when you realize that the mask is also jet black you will probably be even more intrigued by this innovative formula.  

After the UV of summer has taken its toll I like to refresh my complexion and this mask is formulated with unique dipeptides inspired by the venom of the Temple Viper. They work by freezing the appearance of wrinkles while relaxing expression lines and reducing the appearance of age spots. The actual ingredient list does not contain any real snake venom so don’t let the name scare you! Since I don’t have wrinkles I am more interested in the mask’s brightening abilities, the infusion of liquorice extract naturally evens and corrects skin tone for a healthy, youthful glow. I have researched the benefits liquorice extract before and I use to purchase the pure form to mix into my homemade serums. Overtime it helps lighten blemishes and dark spots and after each facial I notice a visible difference in my complexion! The mask also helps shrink enlarged pores for a refined, supple finish and my skin looks fresh, bright and more radiant.

The mask also contains French clay enriched with natural minerals that deeply cleanse to remove dirt, oil and impurities while unblocking clogged pores, diminishing excess sebum and purifying. It is also clinically tested to increase hydration up to 96% in 30 days and the pomegranate extract is rich in antioxidants to protect and reduce the signs of aging. The scent is a bit strong and a tad sweet, it kind of reminds me of a popsicle!

After the mask dries you simply peel it off from the edges or rinse off with warm water. The texture isn’t very creamy so it doesn’t spread or distribute as easily but after use my skin definitely feels clean, smooth and silky plus it seems to enhance the absorption of my moisturizers and organic oils. When your complexion needs a boost and a little rejuvenation the Glamoxy Snake Mask is a great solution! The 50 ml tube retails for $83.00 and you can pick it up at Murale and The Bay. 

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