Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Lipidol Skincare Review

If you’ve browsed Walmart recently then you may have noticed that a new skincare line called Lipidol has hit the shelves. This oil based collection focuses on cleansing, hydrating and helping skin retain its moisture for a radiant, healthy complexion. It was created by the same company that brought you the popular Bio Oil blemish control treatment and the line includes a range of products to aid with daily grooming including: the Cleansing Body Oil, Cleansing Face Oil, Overnight Face Oil, After Shower Oil and Shave Oil.

As we leave summer behind and transition into cooler temperatures I like to change-up my skincare routine and increase hydration. Daily washing, hot water, environmental factors and indoor air systems can draw moisture from the skin causing dryness, flaking and peeling. The Cleansing Body Oil has a rich texture and a natural botanical scent for a calming aroma therapy experience. You simply apply it to wet skin and massage in to remove dirt and leave skin feeling fresh. Although it is a bit unusual for oil to produce suds this one does transform into a creamy texture and unlike regular soap it doesn’t leave skin feeling dry and tight. The Body Oil retails for $8.97

The Cleansing Face Oil removes dirt and makeup without stripping the skin’s natural oils. It has a subtle aroma with a hint of rosemary and the gentle formula is suitable for all skin types including sensitive. I use a makeup wipe to remove the majority of my foundation and eyeshadow prior to using the oil but you can also apply it directly on top of makeup to loosen and emulsify stubborn formulas. Adding a bit of water transforms the oil into a cream allowing you to wipe away residue and lift pore clogging dirt. I usually follow up with a non-drying face wash for a more thorough clean. The cleanser retails for $8.97.

I’ve also been trying the Lipidol Overnight Face Oil infused with ylang- ylang and black pepper. As you get your beauty sleep at night your skin heals and regenerates so I like to layer natural oil under my moisturizer or serum for optimal results. This oil has a light floral scent and the formula is suitable for sensitive skin so it doesn’t cause breakouts or irritation. I love the dewy, supple moisture it provides and I awake to glowing skin that looks fresh and energized! It also takes care of those annoying dry patches and peeling without too much shine or grease and it works on rough cuticles and dry heels! The Face Oil retails for $8.97.

 Lipidol products can be found at Walmart

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