Wednesday, September 2, 2015

L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Cream Mask Review

When people talk about cult faves and Holy Grail products they are referring to exceptional quality and amazing results which is exactly what I get from the Immortelle Divine Cream by L’Occitane. This bad boy is the Rolls Royce of moisturizers with a luscious, luxuriously smooth formula that hydrates, pampers and conditions for incredibly supple skin!

If you have normal or combination skin the expertly formulated cocktail will give your complexion a boost of radiance and for dry skin this “award winning miracle cream” is a savior for abolishing tightness, peeling and flaky patches. As I apply the silky formula and use the massager to increase circulation my parched skin is instantly revitalized and feels incredibly soft and silky. Aside from quenching my face and neck in a blanket of long-lasting, lush moisture it also contains 7 plant derived active ingredients with fabulous anti-aging benefits.

For youthful looking skin Immortelle Divine helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, restores elasticity for a shapely facial contour, reduces the look of dark spots, tones, firms and improves texture. Although it is deeply nourishing and quite rich there is no greasy residue and it feels comfortable and lightweight. The amazing ingredients melt in quickly and efficiently and even though the finish isn’t completely matte I love the dewy layer of radiance!

The immortelle flowers are coveted for their ability to resist fading even after they have been picked and they enhance the effectiveness of the active components, natural extracts, nectars and oils to give you a youthful glow. When applied before bed the cream is an amazing night treatment that replenishes and works its magic as you get your beauty rest. The sweet, inviting scent transports me to a posh spa and helps me unwind after a long day.

I have tried and reviewed many skincare products but I am truly delighted with the quality of this moisturizer so it is definitely an indulgence I highly recommend! The jar featured in this post is 65 ml and the 50 ml retails for $114.00. Because you only need to use very little to achieve amazing results it will last quite a while and it is a skincare essential as the weather cools down to help battle environmental elements.   

You can purchase the cream at L’Occitane stores and online by clicking HERE.


On Friday August 21, 2015 L'Occitane opened the doors of their 35th Canadian boutique in the Toronto Eaton Centre so don't forget to drop by and sample the variety of decadent products! 

*Press samples featured

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  1. Yes! Divine cream is the absolute BEST-- you're totally right when you say "The Rolls Royce" of moisturizers. We don't have this product in the US yet but I can't wait to try it!



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