Monday, September 7, 2015

L’Oréal Professionnel Hollywood Waves Review

Glamorous waves and soft, sexy curls never goes out of style so it's time to let your hair down and embrace your locks without worrying about frizz! The Hollywood Waves Collection is designed by celebrity stylists and includes products for all curl types from loose, sexy beach waves to tight ringlets. Since I'm usually attending events around the city and the Toronto Film Festival is about to kick off these products will be essential to keeping my spirals red carpet ready!

The Spiral Queen Nourishing Mousse is designed to give you contoured waves and beautiful curls specifically formulated for thicker hair types. It provides great hold and shape without a hard crunchy finish and it doesn’t accumulate build-up or white residue. I apply the lush fluffy foam to damp curls from my ears down, focusing on the sections that tend to be more fuzzy for extra hold and stronger curl formation. I also like to finger comb for even distribution and I scrunch the ends for more bounce and softness. In sweltering heat and humidity this is definitely a must for neat, manageable curls and it works well for everyday styles.

The Waves Fatales Sculpting Gel-Cream is designed for medium curls and 24 hours of definition. This is my favorite product in the line because it has a lightweight gel consistency without any stickiness and it tames unruly, messy curls without that horrible stiff finish. The formula is translucent so there is no sticky film and it distributes easily through the lengths of my long hair to bind my spirals for more shape, less fly-aways and reduced frizz. If you have natural curls this is a great finishing product as it smooths your tresses for a sleeker look.

The Sweetheart Curls Lightweight Serum Spray is formulated for light curls and works well if you crave that soft, Hollywood starlet look. Since I have thick hair I usually pair it with the mousse or gel and spritz it on after styling for airy, voluminous waves and a bit more bounce. 

These products retail for $23.00 each and you can find salon locations by visiting the website HERE

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  1. This sounds like a great match for my hair type! I wonder if I'll be able to find it here in China...

    1. LOL I don't know but you can check the website for locations!


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