Monday, September 14, 2015

Yves Rocher Sensitive Végétal Skincare Review

If you have sensitive skin it can be difficult to find products that don’t cause adverse reactions but the new Sensitive Végétal Collection by Yves Rocher has you covered! From makeup remover, micellar water and luxurious moisturizers the range caters to skin that needs tender care without skimping on nourishment. It also focuses on the process of assimilation using 100% natural botanical extracts which enhance the absorption of beneficial ingredients for efficiency, quicker results and a radiant glow.

I don’t suffer from skin sensitivity until I go on vacation when the long flight, fatigue, jet lag and environmental elements wreak havoc on my skin. I like to start with the Soothing Cleansing Milk which has a lush, creamy formula that helps remove stubborn makeup with the swipe of a cotton pad. It works best to emulsify foundation, remove build-up and diminish excess oil while leaving skin soft and hydrated. It also has a light, pleasant scent and the formula doesn’t burn or irritate the skin or eyes. The Cleansing Milk retails for $16.00.

If there are remnants of makeup clinging to skin after initial cleansing the Micellar Water gently removes the leftover residue and impurities with a refreshing, non-drying formula. It works like a moisturizing toner without the alcohol to help prep the skin for creams and oils. It also helps eliminates pore clogging dirt, oil and makeup to revive the complexion. It retails for $17.00.

There are two types of moisturizers to choose from in this line, the Anti-Redness Cream melts into the skin creating a veil of protection that diminishes the heating sensation of irritation and helps calm redness and flare-ups. You can also use it on acne prone skin to help dull discomfort and soothe blemishes and it provides fabulous hydration for supple, silky results. You can pick it up for $28.00.

The Soothing Hydrating Cream also reinforces, soothes and protects without harsh additives but this one isn’t specifically targeted at redness. It works well under makeup to provide a light yet rich layer of dewy moisture that absorbs quickly without a greasy residue. I like that it works well as both a night cream and a day cream for long lasting dryness relief that eradicates flaky patches and tightness. This is a great product for all skin types and retails for $28.00.

If you are experiencing a day of hyperactive skin sensitivity Yves Rocher has included the Intense Soothing Concentrate which also works well after a long day in the sun to diminish itching or redness. You can apply it in the morning over the face and neck for all day protection and the formula is preservative free which is great for those who require more protection from environmental aggressors (although it does not contain SPF). The Concentrate retails for $42.00.

Last but not least is one of my favorite products, the Soothing Mist! This fabulous skin refresher is compatible with all skin types and you can spritz it on throughout the day as needed for a little pick-me-up when skin feels parched. I like to keep it at my desk and spray it on when my skin needs revitalization and it includes the same potent plant extracts to heal, soothe, nourish and calm! The mist retails for $17.00.

Whether you suffer from sensitivity or you are looking for products that are mild and free of parabens, fragrance, colorants and mineral oil you can mix and match these items to create the prefect daily routine for your complexion. The infusion of Sigebeckia Orientalis plant extract from the jungles of Madagascar increases the absorption potential of the ingredients to condition and limit potential skin reactions. You can pick up the collection at Yves Rocher stores and online by clicking HERE.

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