Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Toronto International Film Festival: TIFF 2015

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of events, parties and an intriguing line-up of creative new films, some of which are sure to create Oscar buzz. It’s the time of year when Torontonians and movie buffs take to the streets to claim the most coveted spots around the red carpet hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars and possibly score an autograph. This year the Toronto International Film Festival celebrated their 40th anniversary as one of the most prestigious events of its kind and the celebs were out in full force! I was making my way around the city stopping by beauty lounges, press events and parties so today I will be featuring some of the highlights. If you aren’t interested in reading about the glam and goodies scroll down to the next posts for more skincare and makeup!

Although the films are definitely the main attraction the parties and swag bags have become just as popular and beauty brands get the opportunity to really show off their stuff! The events I attended were private affairs but there were also a few open to the public.

I didn’t have time to check out all the brands represented at the exclusive IT Lounge this year but they did feature some great products from Goody hair accessories, Barilla Pasta, Saje and more! I received some fabulous essential oils to help ease everything from stress, indigestion (which I needed after my TIFF diet of candy for breakfast), headaches, muscle pain and congestion.

On opening night I attended the popular Nikki Beach White Party at The Spoke Club although I wasn’t a huge fan of the all white dress code. The drinks were flowing, the DJ was spinning and the patio was great. Apparently these world famous parties and pop-up locations are “THE place to be and be seen” although I didn’t spot any celebs.

After I got some beauty sleep and recovered (somewhat) I attended Elevate Lounge where I received some beauty treatments, snacks and products to help prepare me for the rest of TIFF. The featured brands included Excel gum, Dr. Scholls Express Pedi, Dove, Voss Water, Magnum ice cream, Nexxus, Simple Skincare, Nordica and Lipton.

The next morning I headed out bright, early and a bit zombie-like for some more pampering at the Shoppers Drug Mart, Phyto Canada Beauty Boutique because what girl doesn’t like getting a little dolled up?! After snacking on candy, scones and doughnuts (don’t judge) I got my nails and lashes done. I also checked out the new Decadence fragrance by Dior and the swag bag included some fabulous products from Stila, Rodial, Phyto Paris, Ceramic Glaze and more to help keep me looking red carpet ready.

After lunch and taking in a film with a fellow blogger I headed to the uniFrance TIFF Cocktail party celebrating French films and sponsored by some fabulous brands including NUXE. I will admit to not recognizing any of the film stars in attendance but the bar was open, the canapés were laid out and I enjoyed the night.

On Sunday I headed to Karyzma Lounge to check out some brands that were less familiar and yes I sampled more delectable treats. My favorite cake pop guru Danielle was there from The Pop Shop and Shot Berry provided delicious gourmet strawberries with a little tube of liquor poking out! 

The gift bags contained some much needed fuel to help me overcome the fatigue that was starting to set in including delicious coconut chips, refreshing coconut water, Boom energy drink and more.

I know what you’re thinking...yes I did stuff my face with treats and check out a lot of beauty products but that’s what a makeup lover does! I also attended the world premiere of The Dress Maker staring the lovely Kate Winslet and debonair leading man Liam Hemsworth. 

Prior to the film I hung out in L’Oréal’s VIP room overlooking the red carpet where I managed to snap a few semi-decent shots. The actors briefly introduced the film and by the time the credits rolled I heard a lot of comments about how “different” it was. Needless to say seeing couture in the middle of a dusty, barren little town was indeed out of place which made the film more intriguing! I thought the the story was heart warming, emotional, creative and hilarious with gorgeous, jaw-dropping fashion and few surprises along the way.

Now that TIFF has come to an end, party goers are sobering-up and things are reverting back to life as we know it. I have a few more events and a ten day vacation before Fashion Week begins and then it’s backstage madness and runway trends! 

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