Thursday, September 17, 2015

LUSH Bestsellers & Fan Faves!

When I browse the mall I usually can’t resist the delectable scents wafting out of LUSH and with the abundance of delicious products it can be difficult to decide what to get. One way to go about your shopping quest for colorful bath and body products is to stick with some fan faves and bestsellers.

Coffee lovers will adore the Cup O’ Coffee Face & Body Mask infused with freshly ground beans, kaolin clay, cocoa extract and agave syrup. This stimulating formula packs a potent punch of caffeine and reminds me of walking into a posh cafe with the scent of rich coffee freshly brewing. This invigorating mask is a great way to kick start your day and awaken your senses while buffing away dry skin, removing impurities, cleansing and smoothing the skin for a radiant, perky complexion. The mask retails for $10.95 per 150g.

With a name like Sex Bomb this pretty pink bath melt can help you set the mood for a romantic night and a little relaxation and tranquility. This particular blend is sweet as candy and contains scintillating jasmine, sage, ylang ylang and nourishing essential oils. Some bath bombs also contain flower petals and other surprises which I love and they make bath time fun and colorful while the fragrant formula softens the skin. It retails for $6.65.

Soaking away stress and getting in a little you-time is easy with The Comforter. The fruity scent of black current candy is a fabulous way to end a long day and it turns bath water purple and creamy with soothing bubbles. This pretty pink, swirly bar is enough for 1-2 baths and you simply crumble it under running water and let it work its magic. This formula also contains natural skin conditioning oils so you smell and feel fabulous! It retails for $10.95.

If you prefer showers then the Happy Hippy Shower Gel will leave you feeling fresh, clean and ready to start your day. To help you beat the Monday morning blues the scent of ripe, organic pink grapefruit loaded with vitamin C is a great way to get going and the oils help retain moisture to prevent dryness. The citrus formula foams away dirt, build-up and sweat for an invigorating clean and it also comes in a handy travel size that retails for $9.95.

You can get these products and more LUSH goodies in store and online line HERE.

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