Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Amie Skincare Review: Cleansing and Toning

Some of the best gifts I received around the holidays were products for my skin! I never tire of searching for things that will make my complexion look healthy, dewy and wonderful, so when I received another great package from Amie I was excited!

Amie is an award winning British skincare brand that has recently launched at Shoppers Drug Mart and their beauty essentials are targeted at all women regardless of skin type.

Amie is formulated to be gentle and non-irritating which is ideal for sensitive skin. The brand utilizes the powers of natural plant and botanical extracts to keep complexions clear and radiant! The products are high quality yet affordable and are free of harsh chemicals that can cause dry, itchy skin and irritation. The line is also pH balanced and Dermatologist tested to help control blemishes and restore moisture and hydration.

New Bloom Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes- (for all skin types) $6.50
Made with skin-friendly aloe and fruit extracts these moist, thick wipes are free of mineral oil, parabens, chemicals and animal extracts. There are 25 wipes per pack and although gentle they are great at removing stubborn waterproof makeup, glitter, and heavy foundations.

The best thing about the wipes is that they don’t irritate and burn my eyes like other brands I've tried. They smell light and fresh and remove most makeup with soft, non-abrasive cleansing action.

Like most makeup wipes you must close the pack immediately to prevent them from drying out however I do prefer a secure snap closure to a sticker covering which can lose its adhesiveness.

Petal Perfect 2-in-1 Cleanser & Toner $8.00
After I use makeup wipes I always follow up with a face wash but when I use a cleanser in conjunction with my wipes the process is always more efficient. This product is formulated with rose petal, raspberry, witch hazel, apple and other natural extracts to gently cleanse the skin and wipe away dirt, oil and makeup.

The consistency is quite thin, milky and runny but unlike other toners it doesn't contain drying ingredients that strip the skin so it leaves my face refreshed and makeup-free.

Spring Clean Deep Cleansing Mask $
This deep cleansing treatment is designed to draw out impurities while soaking up excess oil and preventing blemishes. It cools and refreshes to help keep pores clean and skin smooth, clean and clear.

It only takes ten minutes to work and the creamy white clay infused with lime butter and organic peppermint feels invigorating and reviving. I have tried a couple masks from this brand and I absolutely love them! The tubes last quite a while and when it comes to dry, dull skin this line provides winter relief!

Overall I have been achieving great results with this brand, I love that the products are natural, safe and suitable for those prone to breakouts and dryness. All the products smell light and fresh with no heavy perfumes or dyes for clear, soft, radiant skin!

**Disclaimer: products provided for review


  1. I've been loving Amie! So need to try the toner :D

  2. I thought I saw this brand at my Shoppers Drug Mart earlier. Love a good cleansing wipes for those lazy nights!


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