Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Michael Kors Hamilton Leather Tote

A few years ago I was as obsessed with buying purses as I now am with makeup. I use to venture out and indulge in the hottest styles and trends until eventually a bag tower of various brands accumulated to form a mountain in my closet. Since then I have reigned in this expensive habit, cut back and donated many of my older purses to charity.

These days I am a lot pickier when it comes to handbags and I don’t buy them nearly as often. When I do find a bag that I love, I prefer to invest in good quality, everyday pieces that are gorgeous and made to last rather than cheaper bags that will eventually end up in the handbag graveyard. My last big purchase was a Prada which I picked up on my trip to Dubai and it is still serving me well!

For Christmas this year my husband bought me the Michael Kors Hamilton Tote and I absolutely love the design! Not only is it large enough to fit my entire life in its soft pockets and folds but it looks chic and stylish with almost any outfit. The shape is very structured and sophisticated and instead of the common Michael Kors logo that is usually stitched directly onto the material, this bag has a pretty gold plated tag.

The inside has two large compartments separated by a zippered section in the middle and includes slots for cell phones and other gadgets. It fastens with a snap closure and although it does secure my belongings adequately a full zipper would have closed the entire purse and added a bit more security. I keep my wallet and valuables in the middle zippered pocket.

The bag comes with two small straps so you can carry it on your arm as well as a shoulder strap of good length. I love the gold chain detailing on the shoulder strap although I don’t like the fact that it is not removable. To hide the shoulder strap it can be tucked neatly into the back section of the purse which can reduce the amount of inner space just a tad. Non-removable straps are not a great design but it still didn't deter me from wanting this incredible bag.

Overall I absolutely love this purse and the quality of the leather is soft, sturdy and superb! It is great for everyday use, work, school and a night out if you have a lot to carry. It retails for $398 Canadian and if you are interested, the style number is – 35F0GHMT3L. It is also available in other colors.


  1. Very cute bag. I also love bigger and functional bags.

  2. Such a BEAUTIFUL bag! I just recently got a Michael Kors bag as well, but its a small messenger bag. I am currently in the phase of wearing smaller bags right now instead of big bags where you can carry your life in it.
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  3. I love this bag that your husband bought for you, you lucky lady. :) I love all bags that have compartments like this one. Although I have yet to find the "one" so I don't own a bag with compartments yet, maybe one day.

    Lorilee's Adventures


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