Thursday, January 29, 2015

Real Techniques Road Show & Core Collection Review

A couple months ago I attended the Real Techniques Road Show in Downtown Toronto where I got to meet Sam and Nic Chapman, the founders of the beautiful Real Techniques makeup brushes that so many of us adore! The event took place in a cozy room at Joey’s Eaton Center where the brushes were displayed in all their plush, fluffy glory and the appetizers and champagne were flowing.

With their makeup impeccably done Samantha and Nicola, also knows as the Pixiwoo sisters were all smiles and totally in their element as they posed in front of the bright lights and cameras with fans. Despite being busy with the tour and prepping for IMATS Toronto, they took the time to hang out and answer all of our questions.

The best part of the event was learning how the women got started in the business and became so successful. The pair began dabbling in makeup at the tender age of 16 and in 2008 when YouTube was still new to many of us, they started filming makeup tutorials and quickly became online sensations! The sisters may have inherited some of their makeup skills from their talented aunt whose artistry graced the famous faces of Princess Dianna, Janet Jackson and David Bowe!

As their YouTube views soared into the millions they began working with Real Techniques to develop their own brushes which are now known for their soft bristles, affordability and great quality. Each brush takes a year and a half to complete and the brand is now one of the fastest growing in the U.S.

Since attending the event I have been testing out the Core Collection which includes: the 2-in-1 case + stand, detailer brush, pointed foundation brush, buffing brush and contour brush. If you aren't sure how to begin using the set Sam and Nic offer online tutorials and this collection is designed for “high definition results.”

The detailer brush is cut to effortlessly conceal problem areas and it is excellent for applying lip color from palettes or other liquid lip formulas. The stiff point and bristles can also be used to deposit eye shadow around the tear ducts for highlighting or definition under the lower lash line.

The Pointed foundation brush is designed to be used with liquid foundation and to customize coverage intensity. Although I do use flat tapered foundation brushes with BB or CC creams to pat product under my eyes, I prefer stippling brushes for full face application.

The buffing brush is ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation and it's smaller size also makes it suitable for applying blush.

The contour brush is one of my favorites! It delicately applies highlight and creates a sheer, soft-focus finish. The tapered shape is also great for lightly dabbing on setting powder in the contours of the face and around the nose.

The brushes in the Core Collection aren't as fluffy or as large compared to some of the other brushes in the line but they work well and get the job done! The set retails $23.99 and you can find it by clicking HERE.

Stippling on my foundation is my preferred method of applying my makeup because of the flawless finish I can achieve. Although I use the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge for BB creams and I do have more expensive brushes for buffing I always come back to my stippling brush.

The dual-fiber stippling brush creates a professional airbrushed finish. The fine, soft points of the bristles are excellent for getting into the grooves of the skin to distribute product efficiently. It also helps reduce the look of pores and smoothes uneven skin texture although I would have like it even more if the brush was larger and had more bristles. When I’m aiming for a radiant, complexion I take my time and stipple lightly, moving around my face in small sections which produces great results! The stippling brush retails for $9.99 and you can find it by clicking HERE.

The Setting brush is quite small and fluffy but it makes a great addition to your collection. I primarily use it for highlighting or dusting powder under my eyes and around my nose. It sets my makeup nicely and when used with my HD powders I can place product right where I need it which translates well in front of the camera. This brush retails for $8.00 and you can find it HERE.

I have a lot of makeup brushes but I use the Real Technique collection quite often. The brand makes brushes suitable for any and all tasks and the quality is great. I don’t normally have issues with shedding and the collections are affordable! They also hold up well through deep cleansing and daily use.

You can get these brushes at FarleyCo.Ca and select retailers. 

Disclaimer: products provided for review

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  1. Those brushes look super soft. Truthfully, I thought they were going to cost more than they do!


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