Friday, January 30, 2015

Loreal Infallible Collection- Spring 2015

Despite the icy conditions and bitter cold I've been busy delving into the spring trends and testing some wonderful new products! Loreal has already released their spring 2015 collection which includes everything from polish, gloss, shadow and setting spray.

The Infallible line is designed for very long-wear, with formulas that last throughout the day and reduce the need for reapplication. The shade range includes all of your basic favorites to add a bright pop of color and a little warmth for the coming season.

The Infallible 2-Step Lip Color may be one of Loreal's longest lasting lip products to date, they are formulated to deliver an impressive 24 hours of wear! I would categorize the finish as lacquer, initially they apply shiny, bright and glossy with high intensity pigment but once dry they become completely matte and quite flat. The formula tends to settle into the texture of skin for one dimensional coverage which reminds me of liquid eye shadow. This type of finish may eventually become drying but thankfully the other side of the packaging contains a clear balm to deliver soothing moisture and a touch of shine.

Shades from left to right: Perpetual Apricot, Timeless Rose, Red Infallible, Never Ending Nutmeg)

To apply the lip color the directions instruct that you begin with the pigment and wait 30 seconds until it is dry and matte. I found that this step may actually take a few minutes and the more color you apply the longer the layers take to dry. 

Next you apply the clear lip balm located on the other end of the tube, this step keeps your lips from feeling dry. If you apply the clear layer before the color dries it will tint the balm which you don’t want. You may also need to reapply the balm throughout the day for comfort.

The coverage is quite good with consistent application in just a few strokes and the color does last a very long time even through eating and drinking. I actually had difficulty removing the pigment with soap and water plus a few different makeup removers which barley faded it. Hopefully with longer wear the formula will loosen some because it clung to my skin for longer than necessary.

Wet Swatches

If you usually forget to reapply your lip products or you are looking for something you can put on without having to worry about it transferring, smudging or coming off all day then this may be the product for you. I love the shades but it would have been nice if the finish remained glossy and creamy and I don’t always have the patience for lengthy makeup removal at the end of the day. The lacquers are available in 14 ultra-rich shades and retail for $13.99 CAD each.

The Infallible 2-Step Nail Color is a sleek new hybrid gel-lacquer that delivers up to 12 days of color and shine for salon quality results without the need for UV machines.

They are available in 12 trendy shades ranging from deeper hues to light feminine colors and the formula is chip resistant. The shades I have are: 021 Always a Lady which is a deep burgundy and 008 Iconic Indigo which is a rich purple shimmer. The long tubes are also dual ended with your main color on one end and your tinted top coat on the other. The polish retails for $10.99 each.

The Infallible Pro-Spray & Set is an oil free makeup extender with a mild scent. To use you simply spray the micro-fine mist onto your face after makeup application for a fresh look that lasts all day.

The formula is lightweight and does not leave my face feeling stiff or uncomfortable. It also dries quite quickly with an undetectable finish that protects against factors like temperature and harsh light. The infusion of aloe helps sooth and hydrate without making skin appear oily or slick.

The nozzle distributes a lot of product that dispenses in a refreshing mist but you do have to push it all the way down when you spray or else you may get large droplets of liquid rather than a fine spritz. The spray is one of my favorite new products from this collection and it is great for special events and hot summer days! It retails for $16.99.

Sticking with the long-wear theme the 24 Hour Foundation and Pro Matte Finishing Powder also delivers great staying power for a flawless, shine-free finish. The micro-sponge technology absorbs oil and the formula is designed to meld rather than mask creating a natural, smooth surface.

The foundation I have is in the shade Caramel Beige (medium coverage, light texture), it applies silky smooth and light-weight. The formula blends well and dries very quickly with a resistant finish that does not transfer, wipe away or fade throughout the day.Because of its durability I like to apply it under my eyes to camouflage darkness, it works well under concealer for an extra layer of coverage and it does not crease. If you can find a color that works for you this foundation would be great for summer and probably hold up well in humidity, it is available in 12 shades and retails for $19.99.

The finishing powder lasts up to 16 hours and diminishes oil and shine, it is available in 9 shades and retails for $16.99.

For all you smokey eye shadow lovers the new Infallible Smokissime Powder Pen Eyeliner is fantastic! This is Loreal’s first eyeliner-eye shadow hybrid with a sponge tip applicator that blends the loose black pigment onto skin with no smudging or mess. You can apply the color to your lids and in the crease as well as under the eyes for a bold, sultry line. The shadow actually applies with a well blended, smokiness so you don’t have to do much work to achieve the effect and it lasts up to 14 hours!

There are 4 daring shades: Black, Brown Smoke, Taupe and Purple Smoke, they retail for $12.99 each.

Along with all the new products in the Infallible line there is also a new mascara- the Voluminous Butterfly Intenza has a double winged brush for super fanned out lashes. The fiber infused formula is designed to coat lashes with a veil of color for 9x the volume with no clumping, flaking or smudging.

All of the new products are now available in drugstores and mass-market retailers.

**Disclaimer: products provided for review


  1. Gorgeous lip products, they all look very pretty - thanks for sharing! <3

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  2. I really really really want to try that setting spray! There new spring collection is awesome. Great post Erica!

  3. the two step lacquer glosses look amazing, 24 hours of wear thats seriously impressive! x

  4. I really want to try the setting spray, it sounds like it could be really good xx

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  5. I want to try the lip stain so bad. Great review.

  6. Hmmm, I wonder if that polish will really last for 12 days. The last time I painted my nails, they chipped within a day!

  7. This looks all gorgeous Erica! The double sided nail color is interesting!xoxo, Sissi


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