Friday, January 9, 2015

Gleam: By Melanie Mills- Face and Body Brush

For over a year now I have been a bit obsessed with the makeup from Gleam. I’ve been using the Body Radiance to highlight my face and the lip radiance gloss for brilliant, trendy color! If you haven’t tried this brand yet then you can often find it at IMATS ( The International Makeup Artist Trade Show) and of course if you miss the show you can get everything online.

Gleam was created by renowned Makeup Artist Melanie Mills who won an Emmy for her work on Dancing with the Stars! After using her products it's quite clear that Melanie infuses her passion and experience of the beauty industry into her brand to create cosmetics and tools of exceptional quality.

The Face and Body Brush by Gleam has been referred to as “the Rolls-Royce of makeup brushes” and it definitely lives up to that title. You can own some of the most expensive and best makeup on the market but if you don’t have the right tools you may not achieve the results you want. Investing in a few great brushes will help enhance your application and stand the test of time.

The first thing I noticed was how big, fluffy and soft the brush is! It is about the size of my palm with ultra-thick, dense bristles that feel luxurious against the skin. The hair fibers are taunt yet flexible for great application and the quality of the long, plush bristles is superb!

Made with high quality, natural hairs and extra thickness the brush is designed to hold a lot of powder which lets you achieve great coverage in a single swipe! When I dip the brush into my products the particles latch onto the bristles effortlessly and after a quick tap to shake off the excess it distributes my powders expertly and efficiently onto my skin. I love the flawless finish it creates without disturbing the underlying makeup.

The tapered shape of the brush allows you to sweep or dab product around the nose and into the contours of the face and although the brush is large it isn't too big and feels quite lightweight. I also like the extra width because it distributes the right amount of makeup exactly where I need it for amazing full-coverage.

When I first took the brush out of the packaging a few hairs began to shed but after I started using it the shedding was reduced. The quality and craftsmanship of this brush is amazing, it is very sturdy and the amount of bristles packed into the handle is impressive!

For applying makeup to the body this is definitely the brush to have! You can use it to highlight, contour and shape the neck, arms, legs and pretty much anywhere else.

Although this is a great addition to a professional kit you don’t have to be a Makeup Artist to use it; anyone who is looking for a quality brush and wants to enhance the finish of their makeup will benefit from having it.

I've been using the face and body brush almost everyday since I got it and I love the results, it is the perfect tool for applying the finishing touches!

I like using it with powder foundations both loose and pressed, and it works wonders with my HD setting powder for an airbrushed glamorous finish.

The brush retails for $120 and it sure is a worthy investment! You can find it by clicking HERE.

**Disclaimer: product provided for review


  1. Wow! no wonder this brush is the rolls royce of make up brushes. It looks well designed and looks so soft. I love the look you've created, you look so pretty



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