Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Born Pretty Store: 18 Color Eye Shadow Palette and Moisture Gloss Lip Color

Although the weather has been a bit drab and the frost seems to have settled over everything, playing with bright, fun makeup that reflects tropical climates can be quite uplifting! Today I’ll be featuring some new goodies from The Born Pretty Store which is an online beauty haven for all things makeup and nails.

I love a good eye shadow palette which is why I have reviewed quite a few from this website. Some of them have been so great that I've been using them almost every day! My newest palette from the store contains 18 shimmer and matte shades ranging from: blue, nude, champagne, pink, bronze, orange, purple, silver and black.

The shades are gorgeous and for just $11.80 you get enough color to create a wide variety of looks. The texture of the shadow is smooth and quite soft but the color payoff isn't consistent throughout the palette.

I like the range of matte and shimmer finishes although once applied the shimmer isn't very bold. The purple, black and silver colors are my favorites because they are the most concentrated and can create beautiful smokey looks. On the other side of the palette the pretty blue, green, soft pink and nude shades are much softer and contain little pigment.

Although the swatches above are quite vivid a good primer was used to achieve this level of saturation and I applied the colors in layers. I would have liked more color intensity from this palette so that building up the shadows didn't require such heavy application but the shades are pretty. The quality isn't top notch or consistent but it may be suitable for beginners or those who want to play around with brighter hues for spring. The palette retails for $11.80 and you can find it by clicking HERE

I also  decided to try out some lipsticks and chose the shades 11 and 9 which appear very vivid and rich. The tubes say BuBu on them but I'm not sure if this is an actual brand. Number 9 is a bold fuchsia pink that is perfect for spring and summer.

Number 11 is one of my favorite combinations of colors, a beautiful purple/pink hue. Both shades are bright, bold and well pigmented. The consistency is moist and creamy which allows the color to glide on relatively well and feel comfortable on the lips. They don’t dry out the skin and the longevity is about average with a glossy texture and finish.

Although the shades look completely different in the packaging once swatched the colors are very similar which is quite odd.

The lipsticks do have a slight scent that reminds me of butterscotch and the quality is reminiscent of brands you may find at beauty supply stores. I don’t know if there are any beneficial ingredients in the formula as the writing on the packaging is in a foreign language and it is not listed on the site.

Overall the lipsticks are decent if you are interested in trying some bright hues for the very affordable price of $2.81 each! To see the other shades click HERE.

Born Pretty offers FREE worldwide shipping and if you use the code EDH10 you will receive 10% off your order.

**Disclaimer: products were provided for review

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