Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Biotherm Skincare Review: Cleansing & Moisturizing

Every few weeks I change my skincare routine to test out fabulous new products and recently I have added Biotherm to my daily ritual. The brand is quite popular for its use of Thermal Plankton collected from ancient springs in the mountains of Pyrenees to enhance anti-aging benefits. This nutritious “fountain of youth” plankton contains proteins, antioxidants, amino acids and conditioning lipids to revive and fortify the skin.

I begin with the Biosource Makeup Removing Milk to gently emulsify and wipe away heavy foundation, sunscreen and other pore clogging products while avoiding the eye area. The rich, creamy texture (suitable for all skin types) loosens all formulas making them easy to wipe away with a makeup cloth or cotton pad and the scent is mild. Although the milk doesn’t get rid of everything on my face, it is a great first step to cleansing and provides a much needed boost of moisture after a long day. The Saccharina Extract (algae) regulates the production of sebum, balances the skin and prevents spots and blemishes. The milk retails for $23.00.

Next I apply the Biosource Total Renewal Oil Cleanser on my Clarisonic or Foreo Luna device to remove residual water-proof makeup, excess oil, dirt, sweat and impurities. This self-foaming cleanser has a blend of natural botanical oils and anti-pollution agents that lather well to rinse away blemish causing irritants that dull the complexion. I love the scent but it is a bit perfumy and since the formula contains sulfates you do need to rehydrate. This product retails for $34.00.

 Toner & Cleanser

By this point most of my makeup is gone but there are certain areas I always seem to miss so I follow up with the Biosource 24 Hour Hydrating Toner. This refreshing, non-drying formula reaches deep down to absorb the last traces of dirt and makeup while removing dead surface cells to enhance radiance. Since I spend as lot more time outdoors during the summer, I like knowing that the anti-pollution shield has my back, especially when used prior to face cream and makeup each morning. The toner retails for $23.00.

To regenerate my skin for a polished look, I use a face mask at least once per week and I’ve been enjoying Biotherm’s Wonder Mud. This oxygenating, resurfacing mask made with non-drying mineral clay removes city gunk, impurities and sebum to replenish, purify, deep cleanse and reduce the look of pores. After treatment my face is smooth, supple, radiant and bright plus my skin is more receptive to moisturizers and serum. The mask retails for $60.00.

Last but not least is always layers and layers of moisture and the new Aquasource Everplump Gel is fabulous! This invigorating formula has a silky finish that plumps the skin to push away lines and wrinkles. The potent blend is 2X more charged in active ingredients and Hyaluronic Acid born from aquatic biology so it absorbs quicker and penetrates deeply to hydrate dull, parched skin. For those opposed to certain scents I should also mention that it has a perfume-like aroma but I think it smells pretty good! Because the gel is quite dense I also use it as a night mask and layer it with the Life Plankton Essence (which I will review in another post) for lush layers of suppleness that lasts all night and makes skin appear dewy and vibrant! The gel retails for $60.00.

Biotherm doesn’t just do skincare, they also released the Eau Soleil fragrance which has a fiery, sensual aroma that transports you to the heart of summer and is formulated with non-photo sensitive ingredients that can be worn in the sun! With notes of ripe fig and blazing citrus, the scent is fresh, sweet and vibrant. It retails for $56.00

You can find Biotherm Products at Shoppers Drug Mart, The Bay, Rexall, Sephora and at


  1. Great line of products and awesome pictures as usual. :) I def am going to try out the Eau Soleil fragrance, as I'm currently looking for a summer spray. As I'm more of a body spay girl - instead of healvy perfumes - this might be the right fit for me. How long does it stay on your skin?

    xo, Luchessa @

    1. Hi Luchessa,
      As always thank you for the kind comment :)
      The spray stays on for most of the day, it does fade slightly but not completely.


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