Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation Review

When it comes to foundation I've been on the hunt for my “holy grail” formulation and color for a long time but as I watched Kat Von D’s Global Makeup Artist - Eric Sotto completely conceal his tattoos with the Lock-It Foundation, I knew the brand had created something special.

I’m not one to shy away from color or seek light coverage. Even in scorching heat and makeup melting humidity, I aim for flawless skin and my motto is ~ if your complexion looks dull, rough and blemished, chances are no amount of lipstick, shadow or liner can save you!

Kat’s Lock-It Foundation is available in 19 shades (as far as I can tell from the website) but there will be a total of 30 when the new colors launch in October. With the selection currently available, I found it a bit difficult to find a match. Although number 71 (featured below) has a strong golden tint and is a few shades darker than my skin, it was the closest I could get. Many of the colors I tested (under unreliable store lighting) did have very pronounced undertones which can make matching a tad confusing. To balance the darkness I’ve resorted to applying the foundation as a base and subtly layering another pigment and setting powder on top to balance and lighten the color. This extra step is a bit tedious but totally worth it for this level of superior coverage.

The color pay-off is amazing because the formula is made with 21% pigment for intense saturation! This product covers everything from hyperpigmentation, scars, redness and blemishes plus just a couple small dabs is enough to completely even the complexion for smooth, enviable skin.

I absolutely love how rich and powerful this stuff is and after testing it through heat waves and Toronto’s congested streets, this fade-proof foundation gets an A+ for durability and performance. The formula is the best I’ve tried when it comes to completely camouflaging problem areas and drastically improving the skin’s appearance, plus it is oil and fragrance free.

Lock-It has an amazing lacquer-like, matte finish that kind of acts like a second skin and sets quickly! The formula is only heavy if you apply too much, otherwise the consistency is in the medium range and I didn’t experience any discomfort. Because this heavy-duty formula clings so well, it isn’t one you want to sleep in! I highly recommend cleansing thoroughly to decongest pores and although it is made to last 24 hours I wouldn’t push that limit if I didn’t have to.

As you can see below, this shade is deeper than my skin tone but when mixed with a lighter foundation I make it work!

When I recently found myself on the crowded subway, hot, sticky and sweating amidst the rush hour mob, dabbing at my face didn't result in any transfer...hence the name “Lock-It.” I don’t know if this no transfer phenomenon is a guarantee since I can’t account for all makeup meltdowns but so far I haven’t noticed any fading, running or seeping and my face looks fresh all day no matter what the weather throws at me. The oil control technology also helps prevent that sweaty, slick look which is great for the season.

Although you can apply the foundation with a Beauty Blender I did find that the formula’s clinginess can cause patches and inconsistency as you dab. I prefer using the Kat Von D Edge Foundation Brush which is ideal for distributing color and achieving a streak-free, smooth finish. (The brush retails for $43.00).

If you are looking for a foundation with amazing coverage and serious lasting power this one retails for $47.00 and really gets the job done!

The Lock-It Concealer Crème with hydra-boost complex retails for $34.00 and is also loaded with pigment for excellent coverage and long wear. There are 21 shades available with gloss-like applicators that can be used to swipe, dab or layer color where you need it most. This formula is great for concealing dark under eye circles, brightening, correcting, neutralizing redness, diminishing scars and even contouring although I wouldn't overdo it under the eyes as it can crease a bit. With concealer I usually go a couple shades lighter than my skin tone to highlight and the brand also offers the Lock-It Edge Concealer Brush with a unique sculpted shape for precise product placement.

You can find Kat Von D Beauty at Sephora and if you ask for a few samples you can test different shades before purchase to find your match.

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