Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Clarins Booster Review

We’ve all had those skin damaging experiences - grueling workdays, sleepless nights, long tiring flights and even exposure to damaging UV and pollution. Life can get pretty hectic but your skin doesn’t have to show it if you indulge in a rejuvenating complexion treatment with Clarins new skin enhancing boosters.

There are 3 boosters to choose from retailing for $40.00 each and I was also sent a portable cell phone charger for a little battery boost on-the-go! These fabulous elixirs (as I like to call them) are formulated for your busy lifestyle and backed by 10 years of extensive research!

The Energy Booster - for fatigued skin helps tone, re-energize and revive radiance to minimize the visible signs to exhaustion. Simply put - use this formula when you don’t want to look haggard and zombie-like. The serum is enhanced with a blast of ginseng which is known in the Chinese culture to stimulate the epidermis and minimize dullness. This is great for late nights, jet lag, tired parents, work related stress and even after a strenuous workout.

The Repair Booster strengthens weakened skin to reduce discomfort and minimize redness with Mimosa Tenuiflora (obtained from tree bark). This particular bark has been known to heal wounds and restore damaged skin with antibacterial and soothing properties. You can use this booster after exposure to extreme climates and it may help alleviate irritation from hard, salt or chlorinated water and minor cosmetic treatments. I also use it after exfoliation and when I get my eyebrows threaded as it nourishes the hairs and helps relieve those sensitive areas.

The Detox Booster was made for congested skin. It revives radiance, detoxifies with green coffee extract, and plumps to diminish damage caused by late night partying and booze, fatty fried foods, smoking and extreme pollution.

By simply adding 3-5 drops to your moisturizer or masks you can use the boosters any time your skin needs a little restoration. They can also be used on their own and I like to mix formulas after long vacations of staying up late, overeating, sun exposure and straying from my usual skincare routine.  

Although the bottles are small enough to slip into a purse or travel bag, the formula is highly concentrated for optimum potency and visible results. Instead of common medicine dropper applicators which can still distribute too much product, these tubes have a built-in dispenser button on the bottom which you press to extract the perfect amount of booster without waste.

The texture is similar to an oil-serum blend with the skin conditioning finish of a moisturizer minus the greasy residue. They absorb quickly and make my skin feel supple, soft and hydrated plus the scent is light and natural.

I’ve been adding the boosters to just about everything I put on my face and the results have been great especially on dry areas that need a little extra care. You can find Clarins products at clarins.ca, department stores and Sephora.

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  1. I have not seen these at my Clarins counter yet. I am a Clarins fanatic so will definitely look out for them ;-)


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