Wednesday, August 24, 2016

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks & Refillable Eye Shadow Palette

Today I’m attending the Arden Beauty VIP Dinner hosted by Dave Lackie - Cityline’s Beauty Expert. In the spirit of celebrating my final few summer parties before fall events begin, I decided to feature some bright, fun lip colors from NYX.

The Liquid Suede Lipsticks have been around for awhile but for those who haven’t discovered the vibrant, bold color, you may want to grab a drink and get comfy. These products have become so popular that many shades are often sold out and beauty junkies on Instagram have been on a swatching frenzy!

The shades I have are: Tea & Cookies (muted tea rose pink), Pink Lust, Amethyst and Life’s a Beach (bright coral). The deep, sultry purple is a very hot shade right now and one of their bestsellers.

What makes this formula so impressive is the highly saturated, intense color pay-off. If you shy away from vivid color and stick to nutrals then these striking pigments may be a little too much gorgeousness for you to handle. Since I love eye-catching color, I’ve totally embraced the suede ferocity and the shade selection is very eclectic including everything from nude, mauve, red and pink to bright sky blue, navy, lavender and black!

Since the colors are so high impact they apply full coverage in just one swipe with a creamy easy to spread texture. The more you apply, the longer it takes to dry and although there is some initial shine the color eventually sets matte with a waterproof finish. I don't find the consistency uncomfortable as the stain does retain some moisture but they dry quite flat - very similar to a lacquer. The Liquid Lipsticks retail for $10 each and I highly recommend checking them out.

NYX also sells magnetic refillable Pro Palettes which you can load with single shadows to create your own kaleidoscope of color. I got the 4 slot palette and added a frosty silver, glittery navy, coppery gold and a deep purple shimmer. The shadows are smooth, non-creasing, easy to apply and silky with great pigmentation and beautiful finishes. They retail for $6.00 each.

If you want to enhance your shadows the NYX cream base smooths the skin to creates a nice even canvass. It is available in 3 shades - white, skin tone and white pearl which is the one I have. The pearl has a shimmer-glitter finish so it is best used to brighten, intensify and prolong the durability of shimmer shadows like the shades above. The primers retail for $10.00.

I’ve also been testing the Multitasker which is another type of base that can be used under shadow to help control the texture, finish and application of your favorite pigments. The clear gel also prevents fallout and creasing plus you can mix some into loose eye shadow to make gel eyeliner! It creates a great surface for adhesion so that shadows cling to the skin more efficiently and last longer without smudging, creasing or fading. I actually really like this product as a primer and it retails for just $9.00.

You can find a NYX at their store in Square One, Shoppers Drug Mart, London Drugs and Rexall

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