Thursday, June 28, 2018

Rodial Vit C Brightening Skincare Review

This summer I have a lot of exciting plans – last Saturday I was braving the white water rapids of the mighty Niagara River and this weekend I’m strawberry picking with the family before enjoying a leisurely brunch in the country and date night in Toronto. Basking in the sun is fun, but UV, pollutants and city smog can damage and dull the complexion so I’ve been using the new Vit C Collection by Rodial.

If you aren’t sure why people are going crazy for Vitamin C and why beauty brands are putting it in almost everything, let’s do a little recap. This potent Ascorbic Acid is high in antioxidants that brighten, fight free-radicals, heal wounds and synthesize collagen for firming, wrinkle reduction and tightening. It also helps even skin tone by fading blemishes, scars, imperfections and hyperpigmentation while reducing photo damage caused by UV.

I usually start my morning routine with the Cleansing Pads ($56.00) – formulated with pure Vitamin C and an invigorating blend of Fruit, Lactic, Glycolic and Salicylic Acids that resurface and retexturize. The soft pads are soaked in brightening solution to gently purify pores, exfoliate and eliminate dirt, oil and bacteria. Skin appears firm, toned and clear with less breakouts and the jar is easy to slip in your carry-on for a healthy glow on-the-go. The pads do remove makeup but they aren’t really designed for wiping off all your foundation, so don’t waste them. Instead, use them to prep the skin and remove residual debris after cleansing. Remember to close the lid tightly so they don't dry-out. I cover the jar with a piece of plastic wrap before twisting the cap on securely.

The Vit C Brightening Cleanser ($65.00) helps improve texture and tone while removing pollutants, and impurities. It feels more like a glossy serum than a foaming soap, leaving my skin soft, smooth and supple with no dryness. I can smell the refreshing blood orange water among the grape and pomegranate extracts, and my face appears radiant and clear after each use. The formula does not lather into rich foam but it is effective, especially if you double-cleanse to help breakdown the layers of makeup, oil and sunscreen.

If you spent your weekend drinking fishbowl sized cocktails with the girls (like I did) the Vit C Energising Sheet Mask ($60.00 per box) definitely comes in handy. Enriched with rejuvenating Vitamin B3, Amino Acids, Green Tea and Hyaluronic Acid, the lush formula transforms dull, pasty skin by boosting luminosity, deeply hydrating and combating key signs of aging. Leave it on for 15 minutes and relax as the serum sinks in and replenishes tired looking skin. After just one treatment my face was smooth, plump and velvety soft with very little evidence of sleep deprivation.

The Vit C Mask ($110.00) is also available as a clear gel with a higher concentration of exfoliating acids to resurface, smooth, rejuvenate and diminish age spots, blemishes and other imperfections. The gel is very easy to apply with minimal mess and dries down into the texture of a peel-off mask that gently fuses to the face to lock-in nutrients. Leave it on for 15 - 20 mins and voila! You’re one step closer to silky, even skin and flawless makeup application. I use this treatment before big events or special occasions because it gives my complexion a boost of hydration and youthfulness. 

Rodial is available is Murale and Shoppers Drug Mart. Visit the website by clicking HERE.

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