Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Sekkisei Skincare Review – Herbal Gel & White Washing Foam

While vacationing in Asia I saw Sekkisei stores all over Thailand, Singapore and China which reminded me that I had a few of their products tucked away in my office. I’m not sure how to pronounce the brand’s name correctly (it sounds different each time I try to say it) but I do know that the first Chinese character on the packaging means snow – inspired by beauty, luminosity and purity.

Most of the reviews I’ve read or watched were on Asian skin tones which makes sense since the products are marketed to enhance fair complexions but they also help correct discoloration, heal sun damage and provide anti-aging benefits.

The branding is a bit confusing; some product descriptions say “brightening” while others say “whitening.” Let me clarify that I do not promote skin lightening nor do I believe that people should feel pressured to tan or change their natural skin color in any way. Like everything else, it is a personal preference (one I do not condemn if that’s what you choose) but we should all feel proud of the skin we’re in, embrace it and take care of it.

I use these products for brightening which refers to enhancing the clarity of your natural complexion, evenness of tone and a beautiful glow. The formulas are infused with Japanese herbs that boost the skin’s youthful vitality. They do not contain harsh ingredients or chemicals but they can help minimize sun spots, dullness, blemishes, acne scars and hyperpigmentation with healing extracts, acids and botanicals.

The Sekkisei White Washing Foam ($30.00) is branded differently here in Canada and referred to as Facial Cream Wash (the “white washing” term has been removed from the tube for obvious reasons). I really enjoy this cleanser! The foam is rich and velvety (even when used sparingly) and it coats thoroughly to purify pores and remove dull surface cells. It also works well with my Clarisonic or Foreo brushes to effectively remove dirt, impurities, sebum, makeup and pollutants – leaving my face squeaky clean but not excessively dry. It smells good, lathers well and rinses clean with no residue.

UPDATE: A few months after publishing this review I used the cleanser after a hair removal session and it stripped pigment from my skin. The brightening agents caused white patches to appear around my mouth and chin which I am now trying to fade. Do not to use this product when skin is compromised or irritated and be mindful of how it reacts with other skincare. 

The Herbal Gel ($47.00) is a wonderful emollient that illuminates, nourishes, firms and alleviates parched skin on contact. The cool, soothing formula refreshes and deeply hydrates so you can use it as a daily moisturizer, serum or replenishing night mask. I love how the rich texture transforms from gel to cream and seeps in deeply to lock-in nutrients, plus I don't need to layer on other products. My skin feels incredibly supple, silky and plump with more radiance and resiliency. The description for this product on Sekkisei’s website refers to “snow-like skin” but don’t let that deter you, this gel is fabulous and unlike the cleanser it does not alter my skin tone. 

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