Monday, June 18, 2018

Shoppers Drug Mart Summer Beauty Picks

In the next few weeks I have plans to embark on a few road trips, travel and attend shows, parties and picnics. Summer is short so get out there and enjoy it while you can! Today I am featuring some of Shoppers Drug Mart’s top beauty picks to help you navigate the season with confidence.

After a long day of fun in the sun, let your skin breathe by removing all that makeup, sunscreen and sweat. The Life Brand Micellear Cleansing Wipes ($9.99) gently lift away dirt, oil and impurities with a paraben-free formula and soft plant-based fibers. These refreshing towelettes are great for travel, the gym or your beach bag.

The Lip Smacker Lippy Pals Balm is my beauty pick but they are available at drugstores nationwide. The hydrating formula nourishes dry lips with smooth, supple oils and the packaging is totally adorable! With fun flavors like Foxy Apple, Hoppy Carrot Cake and Cuddly Cream Puff who can resist?!

Sun exposure can be very damaging so your skin needs weekly replenishing treatments to maintain youthfulness. Thankfully Shoppers carries a wide range of rejuvenating face masks including brightening eye pads ($8.00) detoxifying mud ($1.99) and purifying charcoal ($1.99). These are also very convenient for travel.

If you need a pretty new beauty bag for your daily essentials, the Quo Rose Gold 3 Piece Set ($18.99) is super trendy! I use the smallest bag for jewelry, the floral pouch for makeup and the clear one for toiletries.

You may be hitting the beach or pool this summer and fuzzy legs are not cute. For a close, smooth shave try the Life Brand 3 Blade Pivoting Razors ($7.99). The botanical strips contain aloe and shea butter to hydrate sensitive skin and they glide over every curve to eliminate prickly hair with one swipe.

If you value your complexion and want to avoid looking like a wrinkled old catcher’s mitt, do not leave home without sun protection. The Sunthera Mineral Lotion ($12.99) with SPF 30 reflects the sun’s rays like a mirror to shield you from damaging UV. The oil-free formula is non-greasy and gentle on sensitive skin with up to 80 mins of water-resistance.

The black metal-free hair clips from Stylize ($9.99) are always in my purse. They come in handy when humidity poofs out your hair and create quick updos to keep you cool.

The Quo Lip Balm & Scrub ($14.00) is a must for dry, chapped skin. Shea butter, jojoba, rosehip, and avocado oils seal in moisture and keep your pout kissably soft all day. The Pomegranate flavor smells delicious and the gentle scrub buffs away rough skin so your lipstick applies perfectly smooth.

Get your glow on with the No7 Early Defence Serum and recharge your skin in just 7 days! The potent formula is infused with:
*Vitamin C and Ginseng: Restores radiance and leaves skin energized.
*Antioxidants: Protects against pollution and neutralizes free-radicals.
*Salicylic Acid: Promotes cell renewal and unclogs pores.
*Matrixyl 3000 Plus: Helps reduce signs of aging.

The serum melts in quickly with a non-greasy, silky finish and can be worn under sunscreen and makeup as an extra layer of protection. I like to apply it at night before bed and often layer it with my No7 Youthful Replenishing Facial Oil for even more luminosity. 

For more great beauty finds head to your local Shoppers Drug Mart

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