Thursday, June 7, 2018

Silk’n Titan Skin Tightening and Lifting Review

In the age of social media and striving to capture the perfect selfie, we all want a youthful profile and healthy skin. Scrubs, creams, oils and serums are effective but topical treatments have their limits and many don’t penetrate deep enough to correct aging skin. For long-lasting professional results you need the right tools and Silk'n delivers spa quality, gravity reversing technology from the comfort of home.

As you age, your cells produce less collagen and elastin which eventually leads to sagging, slackening, wrinkles and fine lines. The combination of natural aging, external aggressors and lifestyle choices makes preventative care imperative for maintaining the vitality of your skin. I don’t have visible signs of aging yet but I use the Titan to correct and heal environmental damage.

The device retails for $299.00 and comes with a travel/storage case, plug, instruction manual and Hyaluronic Slider Gel. It works by emitting 3 sources of harmonized energy: Bi-Polar Radio Frequency to penetrate the skin's deeper layers and boost collagen, LED Red Light to increase elastin and Infrared Heat to improve circulation and enhance your natural glow. 

The skin restoration process includes the following results:
*Tightens, strengthens and repairs
*Rebuilds collagen and elastin from the inside out
*Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
*Diminishes superficial sun and age spots
*Improves facial structure and elasticity
*Lifts and contours
*Evens skin tone and texture
*Rejuvenates with no recovery time

Each week I perform two 10 minutes sessions and there are 5 levels that gradually increase in heat and energy frequency. After testing the device on your arm for possible side-effects, start at the first level and work your way up. As you move the Titan across the skin there is soothing warmth and bright red lights. The sensation is relaxing and I have not experienced redness, pain or irritation. Even on the highest setting the heat feels very comfortable.

The Titan does not work without a conductor so you must apply a thin layer of Hyaluronic Slider Gel to activate the machine. I find the formula a bit sticky so I prefer to use gel-based moisturizers or night masks that don't require rinsing.

The heating plates warm up in seconds and the treatment boosts the vitamins, antioxidants and active ingredients in my products. After each session my skin looks renewed, vibrant, smooth and soft with a dewy finish.

My results have recently inspired my husband to start using the Titan and my mom also enjoys her treatments. I love how clear and even my complexion looks and blemishes seem to fade much quicker. To clean and disinfect the plates I use a 70% alcohol spray and gently wipe them with paper towel. 

This anti-aging system pampers and renews the skin and at a cellular level which makes it a great great alternative to expensive clinical or medical procedures. The Silk'n Titan is available at Shoppers Drug Mart,, London Drugs and

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