Friday, June 15, 2018

NEW Diorshow Plum N Volume Mascara & On Stage Liner

Next weekend I’ve organized a girl’s trip to Niagara Falls and we plan to hit the casino, enjoy drinks on the patio and maybe do some shopping. In my travel bag you’ll find a couple Dior On Stage Liners ($35.00 ea) and the blue Plump ‘N’ Volume Mascara ($37.00) for a pop of fun summer color.

These must-have pigments make it easy to create trendy looks and unleash your inner artist. With the flick of a felt tip pen and a coat of sensational color, you can achieve cool graphic lines and long eccentric lashes.

The Liquid Liners have a flexible tip drenched in smooth, high-intensity matte color that doesn’t skip or fade. The thin point makes it easy to draw sharp wings for the perfect cat eye and you can shape, extend and widen your lines with one fluid motion. I love the fast-drying formula. It stays put the minute you apply it and the fluidity provides ultimate control for neatness and precision.

When drawing intricate lines or patterns try to make corrections quickly because once dry, the pigment does not budge! The color lasts all day and even withstands heat, humidity, perspiration and runny eyes so feel free to cry at that romantic comedy.

Dior’s mascaras are my favorites and these waterproof shades are daring and bright. The spindly brush enhances the fabulous formula by grabbing each hair, separating, extending and thickening to create that coveted flasies effect. Squeeze the tube to load the wand with exactly the right amount of pigment and pump up the volume with no clumping.

These limited-edition shades are vibrant and versatile. Coat just the tips or use different colors on the upper and lower lashes. The mascara is also available in coral and purple at Dior counters nationwide.

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