Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jamberry Professional Nail Lacquer and Nail Wraps Review

Recently I have been testing some great new brands of nail polish including those that contain fewer harmful chemicals and today I have a review on the Jamberry Professional Nail Lacquer- Limited Edition Poolside Collection. I was drawn to the bright tropical shades in this set because they seem perfect for vacation or lounging on the beach but I also like that a few shades are ideal for every season.

Jamberry lacquers are made in the US and are free of: DBP, formaldehyde, toluene, formaldehyde resin and camphor. The company offers high quality,  professional grade products that are designed for use at home. For those who love fun designs, colors and creative nail art the brand also has a large variety of fun nail wraps!

The lacquers are developed to provide salon quality, chip-resistant manicures that are long-wear, and have durable, life-proof formulas. The Poolside set includes:
*Kiss – classic medium pink
*Mermaid – creamy blue-green
*Lemon Drop – Sunny yellow
*Jamberry Glitter Effect Top Coat - with a sheer pink base

This set retailed for $54.00 and although it is no longer available the individual lacquers can be purchased for $15.00 each. There are also other sets online containing different shade selections.

Since Jamberry is known for their nail wraps I chose a design called Purple Herringbone which reminds me of the trendy chevron print. The wraps are available in a wide array of striking patterns and are made to last up to 2 weeks! Like the lacquers they can also be used on the toes and retail for $15.00.

The lacquer brushes are medium size and the formula is creamy with just the right consistency, (not to thin yet not ultra thick). Most cover well in 2 coats and work best with a base coat to prevent staining and a top coat to prolong their wear.

I found the formula very easy to work with, the polish provides good coverage and I didn't have any issues with pooling or air bubbles. The finish is nice and smooth with a touch of shine and I added a top coat for an ultra glossy effect and to enhance the colors.

Mermaid takes on a deeper hue indoors and under direct lighting or in the sun it appears minty. It applied wonderfully and dried quickly which is a big selling point for me!

I have a love-hate relationship with yellow lacquer; I love the color but find it tricky to work with and Lemon Drop didn't apply as opaque as the other shades. I used three coats to build up the pigmentation but because the formula is great it didn't apply thick or take long to dry.

Kiss is my favorite shade in the kit and matches well with the subtle Glitter Effect Top Coat. This is a classic pink that can be worn all year round and also looks great for pedicures.

Although there aren't many shades available on the website the quality is great and the longevity of my manicures was about average. For nail polish enthusiasts I think these will be a hit! You can visit the website by clicking HERE.

I've had terrible luck with nail stickers, wraps and press-ons in the past so I had my fingers crossed when trying these pretty nail wraps. It did take some time to get use to the application process which consists of: adjusting the wraps to fit, shaping, aligning, trimming and applying heat. Once completed I liked the results and unlike other brands I've tried the heat from my blow dryer seemed more effective in bonding the wraps for longer wear. Although I didn't test them for a full 2 weeks they did hold up well for a few days and lasted longer than my polish!

Overall I like these lacquers and I finally had success with nail wraps! Visit Jamberry's blog by clicking * HERE * to get the inside scoop on great deals and helpful application tips and tricks!

**Disclaimer: products were provided for review


  1. Love the idea of nail polish that is free of many harmful chemicals - love the colours you tested!

  2. Great to hear your thoughts. I have considered the nail wraps but they just seem like a lot of work and too much to go wrong.

  3. I really love that yellow shade! I do find most yellows polishes I own to be a little tricky to work with. This one does looks really nice with 3 coats though. I love how you did the nail wraps as accent nails too! So cute!

  4. I have never used a yellow nail polish, but this one looks very nice!
    All the shades are cute, but I prefer the blue-green one.


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