Monday, August 11, 2014

Nail HQ Review: Nail Treatments for Natural Nails

Frequent manicures, vitamin deficiency and chemicals in lacquers and polish removers can adversely affect the health of your nails. Although I like a fresh, bright manicure, repeated use of polish can strip nails and cause peeling, discoloration and brittleness.

Today I have a review on two nail treatments by Nail HQ. This brand from the UK focuses on restoring and repairing the health of natural nails and the treatments are “infused with cutting edge technologies found in cosmetics, skin and hair care.”

The Ridge Filler is enriched with an oxygenated formula designed to fill in the gaps, lines and ridges of textured nails and is formulated for thin, weak, damaged nails. The directions instruct the application of just one coat although if you don’t apply it thickly ridges may still be evident.

This is a good product to use under nail polish because it improves the look of manicures by providing a smooth, even surface. It is also formulated to improve the wear of polish by providing a base layer for adhesion. When worn on its own the light pink hue looks simple and natural.

The ridge filler contains “hydrating, conditioning and moisturizing attributes” which provide a sheen finish to revitalize nails, regulate growth and increases flexibility.

The Nail HQ All in One with argan and mineral oil is a translucent multi-solution treatment for dry, brittle, soft and weak nails. This polish applies clear and provides the moisture needed for flexible, stronger nails. Only one coat is required and it can be worn alone or paired with polish.

I like that both treatments are easy to use and dry quickly. Although I did not notice immediate results I did begin to see improvements after a couple of weeks. Overtime it did help rectify the damage from my polish and I was able to grow my nails longer without any breaking or peeling for quite awhile. I definitely prefer it to many of the treatments I have used in the past as it seemed to improve the strength and resilience of my nails.

Along with nail treatments I also recommend taking regular breaks from polish and remover, keeping nails moisturized and using products that are less harsh.

Nail HQ offers a variety of products such as: top coat, base coat, growth formulas, cuticle therapy and more. The Ridge Filler retails for $9.99 and the All in One treatment retails for $11.99. You can find them by clicking HERE 

**Disclaimer: These products were provided for review. 


  1. My nails always peel and chip, so I always have to cut them short. Still looking for something natural that will fix it. I like the idea of argan oil, so I might pick some up!

  2. I love this, will have to check it out.


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