Monday, August 18, 2014

The International Dermal Institute: Professional Skin Analysis with dermalogica

As consumers who value looking our best and having a healthy complexion we invest a lot in skin care. There are countless brands and products on the market that promise excellent results, but do you really know what your skin needs? At The International Dermal Institute skin experts take the guess work out of your daily beauty routine and provide knowledge and personal product prescriptions to treat your skin’s unique needs.

I was given the wonderful opportunity to have a professional analysis and skin treatment done by one of the Institute’s trained Skin Therapists. I gained a wealth of knowledge and a deeper understanding of how to care for my skin.

When I arrived at the facility in downtown Toronto I didn't know what to expect but the wonderful staff welcomed me warmly. I began by filling out a comprehensive questionnaire detailing my skin’s health and concerns and was then lead into a Zen like room with relaxing lighting and soft music.

After getting prepped my Skin Therapist Amanda discussed my concerns, the products I used and my skin care routine. She gave me enough time to ask all the questions I wanted and was incredibly personable and highly educated. Lying on the soft bed with warm towels around my hands and feet was very calming and my body was comfortably wrapped to keep me warm and cozy.

After removing my makeup with a natural, soothing oil and deep cleansing my skin she proceeded to map my face. Facial Mapping is a technique used by the Dermal Institute to examine the different sections of your skin under high magnification and bright lighting. This technique allows specialists to see deep into your pores and identify your trouble areas. My treatment was then based on my results.

All of the products used smelled wonderfully natural, my face was gently steamed to open my pores and a mask was applied to remove impurities and debris. Amanda explained each step of the process and the soft mediation music lulled me into relaxation. After the mask there was mild exfoliation and a deep tissue neck and shoulder massage to release tension and knots. The final steps were more invigorating steam and lots of hydration.

Following the treatment we had another discussion about my skin, and she wrote me a non-medical skin prescription of recommended dermalogica products designed to improve my complexion.

I received the dermalogica precleanse: a deep cleansing oil that melts impurities, waterproof makeup, sunscreen, oil, pollutants and residual product build-up. It is formulated with olive, vitamin E and apricot with a natural aroma therapy scent. The addition of water transforms the oil into a milky emulsion that rinses debris from skin and promotes efficient product absorption. I absolutely love this cleanser; it melts makeup right off leaving my skin feeling revived and soft. It retails for $52.50 and you can find it by clicking HERE

Since my skin is sensitive to exfoliation the dermalogica daily resurfacer is ideal. Rice extracts, green teas and hydroxyl acid and enzymes work to reduce the signs of aging, enhance moisture, brighten and even skin tone. The tin comes with 35 pads that gently resurface without causing irritation or redness. They are also travel friendly and make exfoliation quick yet very effective. This product will greatly improve my routine for beautifully polished, supple skin. The tin retails for $97.00 and you can find it by clicking HERE.

Overall this experience was very informative, my face has never felt so fresh, clean and renewed! I learned things about my skin I didn't know and I highly recommend booking a treatment with dermalogica to gain new perspective on the health of your skin. The professional treatment and analysis is $95.00 and makes a great gift for both men and women! Facilities are located worldwide and to find a location near you click HERE. Visit dermalogica at:

For those interested in contacting the Dermal Institute in Toronto for additional inquiries or appointments you can do so at: (416) 368-3832 they are located at: 720 King Street West, suite 300

*Disclaimer: skin treatment and products were provided for review

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