Friday, August 15, 2014

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain Review

I have been a big fan of Revlon lip products for years; in fact the classic formula of the Super Lustrous lipsticks is one of my favorites! Since I usually prefer bold, highly saturated hues I was excited to try the new Colorstay Moisture Lip Stains available in 12 fetching shades. The stains are inspired by some of the world’s greatest cities and since I enjoy travelling I appreciate the exotic theme and great range of color.

The shades I have are: Barcelona Nights- which is a bright pink with a hint of plum, Miami Fever- a fun tropical orange, Rio Rush- a fiery pink and Stockholm Chic-deep bronze/brown. 

The stains are formulated to be light-weight, non-sticky and provide a high gloss finish. The texture is quite unique, it feels creamy and wet, like cool water touching your lips and they moisturize like a balm with vitamin E and soothing aloe. I can definitely feel the moist, dampness of the formula and although they are categorized as stains they don't leave behind heavy color.

I love the bright pigmentation and application is simple though I do have to rub my lips together to spread the color and achieve consistent coverage. Like most wet formulas they do tend to transfer a bit however they are quite long-wear for lip gloss.

The wide, tapered brush is designed for easy application and does seem to cover more surface area per swipe. I am able to intensify the color by layering it on heavier for a dramatic effect. 

If you haven’t stopped by the Revlon isle to check these out I recommend heading over there and starting a swatching frenzy! The stains retail for $12.95 Canadian.

***Disclaimer: Products were provided for review


  1. I have the lightest pink shade they have in the collection and I want to go back to get a few more brighter colors. I love Revlon lip products and their lip stains are my go-to daily.

  2. Wow. Rio rush seems tempting to buy. Wonderful review dear :-)

  3. Wow the colours are amazing! I hope it will come to Malaysia soon :)

  4. I don't own any lip stains from Revlon, but have a few of their lip butters. I will check this out the next time I'm at Target!


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