Sunday, August 24, 2014

Yves Rocher Exfoliating Shower Gel Review - Organic Raspberry

Yves Rocher has always offered a great variety of bath products to suit many preferences but this summer they have created a whole new luxurious bath experience that will awaken your senses and lavish you in rich fruity scents. The exfoliating shower gel infused with organic raspberry is quite unique.

The first thing I noticed was the abundance of real fruit seeds swirling around in the gel which reminds me of the smoothies I make at home. Although the seeds exfoliate skin, the formula is gentle enough to be used every day and  fruits are high in beneficial antioxidants!

The raspberry shower gel also contains kiwi seeds, aloe and apricot kernel but if juicy raspberries aren't your thing there are other delicious options like: blackberry, coconut, vanilla, oats and olive.

When you uncap the tube the decadently sweet, tangy aroma of succulent raspberries smells fresh and incredibly natural and as you lather up, luscious soapy bubbles of fruit envelop you! Obviously this product is not for consumption but it smells good enough to devour! 

The invigorating formula is ideal for sensitive skin and comprised of 98% natural ingredients. It is also pH balanced, paraben free and cleanses to keep skin soft, supple and smelling wonderful! Although this is a soap product it is quite nourishing and does not make my skin feel tight, dry or uncomfortable. 

This is a great shower gel and ideal for those who avoid artificial fragrances and additives due to sensitive skin. I definitely recommend trying these, especially if you love fruit! They retail for $9.00 each and can be found online by clicking HERE.

* Disclaimer: Product provided for review


  1. Great review! I love natural ingredients in any product.

  2. I have the same one haha :)) I do like the smell, but I don't really feel it is exfoliating my skin because there are not a lot of beads in it :/ I do have to get the vanilla one, I think that one smells amazing :D


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