Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Yves Rocher Beautifying Dry Oil Review

Today I’m going to take you on a journey to the mouth of the lush Amazon where unique botanical treasures lay hidden deep in the thick foliage. Yves Rocher has partnered with local women in Brazil to handpick the finest Andiroba nuts “that have fallen from the trees and are carried by the river.” These rich nuts are carefully washed, dried and pressed to extract the precious oil within and have been formulated into a luxurious new Beautifying Dry Oil.

Andiroba nuts
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The unique oil is packaged in a convenient, easy to use spray bottle that mists the fragrant liquid lightly over the skin. The exotic, sweet, nutty aroma makes skin smell absolutely divine, and the warm scent is calming and enticing.

The oil is identified as "dry" because it feels dry to the touch which means it doesn't transfer to clothing, bedding or anything you touch. It seeps into skin and absorbs quickly with no greasy film or residue. Unlike some oils that appear shiny, and slick this oil is very light and drenches skin in a soft, hydrating sheen for a radiant, healthy glow.

The oil is formulated with 99% natural ingredients including sesame oil and contains no preservatives, parabens or mineral oil making it is suitable for those who are sensitive to artificial additives. It intensely nourishes with a high concentration of omega 9 to reveal satiny-soft, skin. I prefer to use this luscious oil after showering and you can spray it on evenly or rub it in for consistent coverage. It also works well to alleviate dryness and makes my skin feel marvelously smooth and supple. 

Andiroba nuts
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*Andiroba Oil is also used to prevent cellulite and to treat eczema, acne, dandruff, skin disease and strengthen hair.

The oil is light enough to use during the summer months and will work wonders in the frigid winter when skin needs more moisture. If you haven’t tried this oil yet I recommend doing so and when you do you may even ditch your old oils or moisturizers and become totally obsessed! 

The Beautifying oil retails for $20.00 and you can find it by clicking HERE

***Disclaimer: Product was provided for review


  1. Love the idea of a dry oil, never really looked into it as I love my coconut oil although it takes some time to absorb. I'm using one YR's eye makeup removers now and am really liking it! xx

  2. I was wondering what a dry oil was! That's my kind of oil - not greasy and soaks in quickly.


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