Monday, August 25, 2014

Lancôme Énergie De Vie Mico-Foam Cleanser Review

Since I enjoy pampering my skin with great products I particularly like reviewing renowned skin care brands. Lancôme’s Énergie De Vie skin care line includes: a day cream, night cream, body lotion and micro-foam cleanser. Today I will review the cleanser which is developed to tone, purify and recharge radiance!

The Micro-Foam has a gel consistency formulated to: “remove dead skin cells, makeup residue and impurities for a radiant glow.” It is “inspired by nature” and contains three root extracts from three different continents to “detoxify and energize.” The cleanser is made in Japan and although the packaging does list root extracts such as yam, there are also ingredients like sodium laureth sulfate which can be drying for some skin types; I usually prefer a milder cleansing agent for my skin.

The gel also has a very strong perfume/cologne scent that lingers after rinsing. Although I like sweet scents this one is too concentrated for my taste. If you have sensitive skin I recommend doing a patch test even though the packaging indicates that it is suitable for all skin types.

I like that the cleanser foams up into a nice lather and deep cleans to thoroughly clarify pores but following up with a moisturizer is necessary because it does not offer much hydration. It can also be used morning and night and may work best for oily skin since it successfully removes excess oil and buildup.

Overall I like the concept of using natural roots I just wish there were more natural ingredients and less perfume. It may be suitable for those who desire squeaky clean skin or wear heavy makeup. It retails for $38 and you can find it HERE.

**Disclaimer: These products were provided for review. 


  1. I think that's my thing with a lot of higher end cleansers - the scent. I think I'm really sensitive to scented cleansers so I stay away.

  2. most of the lancome skincare products are so perfeumy that feels irritating somehow!!


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