Friday, June 7, 2013

Nexxus Humectress Deep Conditioner Review: My Favorite Drugstore Deep Conditioner

I have been using this deep conditioner for a few years now and it has remained a staple in my hair care regime. This is by far one of my favorite drug store deep treatments and I don`t think it gets the recognition it deserves in the beauty community.

Here is some info about this product:
*Replenishes vital moisture
*leaves hair 10 times stronger in one use
* Contains: silk protein, coconut oil,  keratin, avocado, honey and soybean
I can`t really attest to the jars claim of making hair ten times stronger in one use (I don't think anything can do that), but it sure does make my hair feel amazingly soft, silky, bouncy and healthier. I used this with my dryer attachment for 40mins after I came home from my trip to the desert and my hair felt revived and all the moisture restored!

I think this deep treatment would be great for people who have dry hair and those who have damage from dying, bleaching, chemicals and heat. It would also work for people who just want to maintain the health of their hair like I do. I think every hair type can benefit from this conditioner, but of course you have to try it out for yourself to know if it works for you.

I think the smell of this product resembles the inside of a salon which doesn't bother me but it isn't sweet or delicious smelling. The jar cost about $13-$15 dollars and you can get it at Walmart (which usually sells it the cheapest), Target and other drug stores. The jar is only 156 g and I do wish it came in a larger size.

After using the $38 dollar Macadamia hair mask and using this one I have to say they have almost the exact same effects on my hair, I might even like this one a tad more!

I would definitely recommend trying this product if you are looking for a good deep conditioner.

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