Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pearl of Argan Hair Cream and Conditioning Mask: Amazing Results!!

This is the Pearl of Argan hair mask with beta-carotene and argan oil. The box says that it: revitalizes and strengthens ALL hair types, leaving hair feeling light, restoring the hair fibre's optimal balance and preventing premature ageing. Argan oil which is rich in vitamin E (a natural antioxidant), defends your hair from free radicals, while beta carotene renews and protects against UV rays. Hair will appear incredibly soft, moisturized and shiny. This retails for $20 as well but it is $9.99 at Winners!

After using this mask I would recommend that everyone get down to Winners or Marshalls and look for it. I used it once thus far and my hair was probably the softest it has ever been!! My hair was so soft that it felt airy and light, almost fluffy (but not poofy), smooth, silky and bouncy. This conditioner definitely produced effects that I could see and feel right away!! It has become a staple product for my sister as well whenever she can get her hands on it. She raves about this deep conditioner mask and how it enables her to flat iron her hair and have it stay straight for days without needing to retouch with styling tools.

I will definitely be repurchasing this mask. 

This is the leave in cream with argan oil. The box says that it is ideal for curly hair to add more volume and elasticity. It also says that it contains amino acids and protein and that it will protect from heat, eliminate frizz and define curls. I found this at Winners it retails for $20 I got it for $8.99 I would suggest checking out Marshalls as well if you are interested. These products are from Italy and very hard to find even online.

After using this cream I did notice that my hair was softer and it smelled really great but I don't think it really did much for frizz.


  1. ouu awesome! Great review!

  2. The hair mask looks similar to the Moroccan Oil Argan Oil hair treatment that I had. I loved that so much. Maybe it's similar, because it sounds really good!

  3. Nice review.
    I would like to try hair cream, conditioning masks are just not for me - when I remember that I have one I'm too tired to use it.. :( Leave-in products are better to me :D

  4. I have never heard of this product. But if it will help with my tragic hair I'm open to trying it. Thank you for visiting my blog!


  5. i just tried this product and smells very good and the quality of the product is also very good

  6. I got this product and the shampoo and loooove it, but now I cant find it anywhere... do you know where I can find it?

    1. If you live in Canada then try Winners, I find some of the products here every once in a while. If you live in the States you can try Marshalls, but again they only have a small selection and it is rather hit or miss, sometimes they have it and sometimes they don't. Here in Canada we also have a store called HomeSense, they sell some of the same things as Winners so you may be able to find it here. In the States a similar store to HomeSense is Home Goods, you can check the home/beauty section there. Trying to find these products is difficult so when I see them I stock up. I looked online but they aren't readily available you may get lucky and find them on Ebay or Amazon. The only other option is to stock up if you ever vacation in Italy.

  7. OMG I bought the hsir mask and use it as a leave in condioner. Most amazing stuff I've ever used! I rub a small amount between my hands and finger through my hair. It gived it so much body and shine AND softness.


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