Monday, June 17, 2013

Inglot Palette: Peacock colors

So since I got my Inglot palette in Abu Dhabi I have been trying out different looks with it. I love how pigmented the shadows are and how I am able to build them up. The texture also makes them quite easy to apply.

For this look I used the first three colors in the palette. This look and these colors actually reminded me of  the blue and purple hues in a peacock feather. When my friend saw me with these shadows on the first thing she said was "I love your eye shadow, it looks like a peacock." 


  1. I love inglot eyeshadow so much! Just bought 5 new eyeshadows yesterday!

    1. I love them too! I will probably end up getting more as well.

  2. that's so pretty! great job Erica as always you do great colorful eye looks!

  3. Wow, Erica, you look amazing! This brave colorful makeup looks very good on you.
    With Inglot you cannot do wrong :))))

  4. I love trying different brands overseas!!

    I've also tagged you in a Beauty Blogger Tag. Feel free to participate, but if not, no pressure!

  5. You look sooo beautiful! I am digging these colors on you.

  6. I love the colour combo of your palette, such a great choice, all shades so gorgeous <3 I've read so many amazing reviews about Inglot eyeshadows and seeing all the stunning colours they have, awwww... I hope to get me some Inglot palette soon as well *-*

  7. I like Inglot cosmetics for my makup. the are awesome, i buy from

  8. I just love anything peacock related :)

  9. I created my first inglot palette this year too, mostly neutral shades (
    ), but I am already looking for some ideas for the next one!


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