Sunday, June 23, 2013

How to make a bun out of a leg warmer

I really like that high buns are trendy again. I think they look super cute, especially with the right shade of pink lipstick and some cute earrings but the problem I had was that the bun contraptions in the stores were always a bit too small. I have thick long hair and I wanted a nice big bun so I devised a way to make my own large bun using a leg warmer. I like the shape and size of the bun when I use a leg warmer and it holds up very well.

This is one of the easiest tutorials ever!
I used a nice long, thick leg warmer to make my big bun. If you don't have long or thick hair and you need a smaller bun you could cut it in half or to the size you need. 

1. Start off with a leg warmer in the length you want. If you don't know what length you will need continue with all the steps first, try out the bun and then readjust.

2. Fold one end of the leg warmer down a few inches.

3. Keep folding downwards making sure the folds are about the same size

4. Fold all the way to the other end

5. You may end up with a small piece of material left over that cannot be folded in an equal part

6. Fold the excess over your bun securely. 

And that is it!! you are finished. Your bun should look something like this

Now here is a short demonstration on how to use the bun once you have made it.

1) Put your hair in a ponytail and brush the front and any stray hair around the ponytail. You can use gel and bobby pins/clips to hold your hair in place. 
2) Next take the bun that you  have made and put it over the hair band that you used to make your ponytail.
3) Flip your hair up and around the bun on all sides so the ends of the ponytail are hanging over the bun to cover it.
4) Take the ends and wrap them around the bun while tucking them under. Keep wrapping the hair around until all the ends are tucked in and then apply a hair tie over the bun to hold the ends in place or bobby pin the ends to secure them.

You should end up with a bun that looks similar to this. You can also make your bun neater if you like I made this one a tad messy but I like the look.

A special thanks to my sister Amanda for sitting through this bun tutorial for me and so that I didn't have to spend 2 hours flat ironing my hair to do this post :)


  1. Have you tried hot buns? They work great. Following from teh Brightside.

    1. Yes I have but they are usually not big enough for the amount of hair I have, and I wanted something a bit larger.

  2. cute idea - nice to use a legwarmer so you don't have to buy one of those bun donut things. will have to try this!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

    1. Hi Jackie,
      I have tried them but usually I can't find one big enough for the amount of hair I have and how thick my hair is that is why I decided to make my own.

  3. i bought a hair donut a while back and love it! i've since cut my hair short and am anxiously waiting for it to grow out again!!

    stopping by from the hop. following here and on twitter :)
    COACH Bag Giveaway!

    1. Thanks for the follow :) I followed you back and I am following you on Twitter. Love all the fashion posts on your blog. And I did a couple of entries for that Coach bag so fingers crossed :)

  4. Visiting from the blog hop! If my hair was longer I would so try this! great idea!!!

  5. What a great idea. And it looks fab on you!!


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