Saturday, June 8, 2013

Coral and Gold Eye Shadow Using Inglot Shadows

I love this coral color in my Inglot palette. It isn't quite like any other color I have in my shadow collection. It is by far my favorite color in the palette.
I combined the coral tone #336 with the gold color from my Naked 2 palette called Half Baked (second color from the left below)
This look was super easy to do but I love how the colors compliment each other.

I realized that when I posted the Inglot palette in my previous haul I did not let everyone know what the colors are, so they are posted below in case you are interested in getting any of these shades.
From left to right:
Purple #439
Teal green #372
Sky blue #371
Orange coral #366
Sparkly orange #51


  1. Your eyes look gorgeous (as usual)! I definitely need to try some Ingot shadows.

  2. love this color combo! Looks so pretty on you =)

  3. The pink is crazy pigmented. Looks awesome!

  4. OMG Love this look! Great Job!!

  5. Love love love this color combo. Will definitely try this look! Great job! I would appreciate it if you would follow my blog. Thanks :)


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