Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Al Raha Beach Resort Abu Dhabi

Night view of the resort
It was so nice to relax after battling jet lag
While in Abu Dhabi we stayed in Al Raha Beach Resort which was beautiful. The resort was 5 star with 5 star service, beautiful grounds and restaurants and conveniently a mall attached to the resort. It also boasts beautiful views from the beach which was uncrowded and a great place to relax.

Hotel Lobby
inside the resort
Back of resort
There are also nice restaurants overlooking the pool and the beach if you want to have a nice dinner outdoors.
View from the pool
View from the beach

We spent a lot of time at night in the hammocks
View from our balcony, it was great to have breakfast and dinner here 

Loved the floor to ceiling marble bathroom

These chocolates were so good! They were almond stuffed dates coated with chocolate.
I would definitely recommend this resort to anyone wanting to visit or planning a trip to Abu Dhabi.  If you book on Expedia before your trip you can get an excellent deal on resorts.


  1. Your posts are making me want to go to Abu Dhabi! I never thought about going there until you started blogging about it. The resort is gorgeous!

    1. You should go! Dubai and Abu Dhabi are great places to vacation.

  2. Nice blog. I had fun reading this. And it is easy to understand. Nice going.

    Al Raha Beach


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