Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Whats in my beach bag

Hi everyone,
I decided to do a whats in my beach bag post since I just got back from Dubai where they have some beautiful beaches and since summer is on its way.

I have tons of beach bags because I buy one from almost everywhere I go. I got this one in Aruba and it came with the matching sarong, wallet and scrunchie for about $20.

When I go to the beach I always take my hat to protect myself from the sun, I got this hat at La Vie en Rose, I take a pair of flip flops which I also got at La vie en Rose, and snorkeling gear (purchased at Walmart) especially if there are good reefs and marine life. I also take a pair of sunglasses, I got these from Ralph Lauren but I usually alternate between my sunglasses.

I take sunscreen for my body, usually water proof, this one is SPF 60 even though it is for kids. I also take the Polysporin antibiotic pain relief ear drops because my hubby gets swimmers ear often. Swimmers ear is caused when salt water gets into your ear and irritates your inner ear canal causing a lot of pain. I am always prepared just in case someone needs it. I also bring my beach towel, I obviously got this one from the Bahamas. 
I usually take a good sunscreen for my face, this one is SPF 100+ because I find that no matter what I do I always tan, and since I don`t want any premature wrinkles I try to protect my skin the best I can. I also take my Tresemme heat protectant spray for my hair, so many people forget to protect their hair from the sun but sun exposure can make hair dry and brittle. I take a book with me and extra clothes for after I get out of the water. Usually I take a light dress that is easy to slip into and some extra underwear, it is a good idea to take extra clothes especially if you have plans after you go to the beach.

A few other things I pack:
-Large plastic shopping bag to put wet clothes into
-A hair brush and some hair ties in case my hair looks all crazy after I get out of the water
-A snack, something easy to carry
- Bottled water, I try to stay hydrated when I am out in the sun for long periods of time
-If I don`t take a sarong I usually pack or wear a bathing suit cover up

What do you pack in your beach bag?


  1. good idea about the spray for your hair since i would think a hat is enough. i always bring an umbrella with me for some shade while napping by the beach hehehe

    1. I use the spray because sometimes in the water or while doing water sports I don`t have my hat on.

      yes shade is a good thing, I usually find shade or go to beaches that provide umbrellas.

  2. Good advice about the plastic bag for the wet clothes. I should do that the next time we go to the beach.

  3. Nice things inside! And a bag also looks very nice!

    I haven't packed my bag, because I'll have holidays only on July.. :/

  4. I never thought to take heat protectant spray to the beach. Super cute accessories!

    1. Thanks :)

      Yeah I am pretty serious when it comes to protecting my hair and keeping it from drying out. If skin can be damaged from sun exposure so can hair. Sun can make your hair very dry and brittle if you don't protect it.

  5. I pack pretty much the same stuff, plus everything needed for my kids! ha. But I do forget something to spray on my hair, so great tip! I'll add that to my list.


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