Sunday, May 26, 2013

My favorite purchase from Dubai: Prada

I have wanted a Prada bag for some time now because I have always liked the simple sleek styles of many of the bags compared to some of the other overly labelled high end brands.

 I no longer buy bags as much as I once did because I prefer to wait until I can get something I really like and because I wait until something really catches my eye before I buy it.

There is so much shopping in Dubai that I did not even skim the surface while I was here. The malls here are massive and some can take you a couple of days to walk through. In addition to the large malls there are souks, smaller malls and higher end markets to chose from.

I chose to get a simple black bag because it goes with everything.

This bag is from the Galleria Capsule collection. For more details you can find it here: 

I am preparing to leave Dubai later tonight. I really enjoyed my time here and our friends who live here Darlene and Jasen have been wonderful hosts, amazing friends and incredibly helpful. I will miss them and I will even miss that cute little antisocial cat Max; but Dubai is definitely a country I will visit again someday.

I now have to get ready for the long, exhausting flight back to Toronto and all the airport lines and waiting before finally getting home.


  1. OMG it is amazing bag.

  2. Feeling a tad stalker-ish~ but I think I just found which bag you mentioned ^_^It's so lovely and classic!

    1. Thanks Michelle, lol Don't worry you can stalk my blog any time :)

  3. Hi Erica, How much did this Prada bag cost you in Dubai? How much is the tax there?

    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by.
      Dubai is pretty expensive to be honest. If you go to the malls it will be about the same prices as North America. I didn't find that there were many deals at the mall, so if you shop there you will have to pay about the same price you see on the Prada website (which is in the post above). If you try and find the bag or something similar at the Souq markets then you could negotiate and haggle with the shop keepers until they come close to the price you want to pay. This is the best option for you if you are looking for a deal.

      I am not sure about the taxes, Dubai does not have any Federal tax but I think the amount you pay depends on which zone (location) you are in. In the souq markets there is no tax, you negotiate your final price.

      I went to the souqs mostly to find gold but I did not end up finding what I wanted. Just be warned, the sales people are pushy and obnoxious and they won't leave you alone for a minute.

  4. I just recently purchased my prada bag as well.. I am so excited! How would you rate the durability of your bag now? Sometimes I'm scared to use it too often because it might damage the bag haha


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