Friday, May 17, 2013

Beauty Things I Suck at Tag

I was Tagged by The Charming Cheshire to do this fun tag! You can find her post here:

Beauty Things I suck at:

1. Getting my eyeliner wing to look identical on both sides! No matter what I do they never quite look the same and it annoys me!

2. Matching foundation to my skin. It always takes me a few tries to get it right when buying a new brand so I usually start out with samples...I don't want to end up being the same color as an oompa loompa...

3. Nail art. I love seeing blog posts on beautiful manicures but I'm not so great at doing intricate nail designs...It shouldn't look like I did my nails blind folded.

4. Using a lip liner. I can never seem to get the outline looking quite right.

5. Filling in my eyebrows to get that nice sharp, defined shape....I know one shouldn't be bigger than the other ...

6. Remembering to tightline my top lashes. I don't like doing this and I either forget to do it or stab myself in the eyeball.

I tag: (Unless you have already done it) 
 Beauty and The Travel Beat


  1. Im also really bad at filling in my eyebrows. I never do them, and whenever my sister does them for me, I look so much better, LOL.



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